End of the world as we know it??

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by CDT gruntfuttock, Sep 26, 2012.

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  1. It seems to me that the majority of media suppliers are heading towards the conclusion that society is degrading to the point of anarchy and revolution, and these are being warmly touted by the same suppliers as massive attention grabbers while celebrities get their tits out in the background. Does anyone agree? Or will we pootle on as usual with mr generic going to his job as usual? I ask more as curiosity towards the cynicism of the good people of ARRSE than as an actual political statement...
  2. Philosophy in The NAAFI Bar.

    Oh dear.

    You'd have been better off posting a thread about sheep-shagging.
  3. fu2

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  4. Exactly! That nice Mr. Ahmadinejad was saying something similar on the TV this afternoon.

    I don't remember him saying anything about birds getting their tits out though. I'm sure that would have improved the speech no end, especially if there some fit birds on the podium with him demonstrating how they get their tits out, and perhaps how they use dildos too.
  5. Ooop... Better go study some 'gentleman's literature' if I want to understand this knotty filosoph.. philosopfi... thinky problem
  6. I'll have you know we have some very attractive sheep around our area.. They'll even wear stockings if you ask nicely..
  7. Society is a well meaning and easily led posh girl getting roughly shagged up the arse by a burberry tracksuited chav who is also helping himself to the cash in her handbag while she's bent over with her face buried in the pillow. Is that a NAAFI friendly response?
  8. Its a bleeding misery...
  9. TheIronDuke

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    The term Deltic refers to an opposed piston high speed diesel engine and is named after the Greek letter 'D'. The engine featured in the English Electric TOPS class 55 and in some boats the Royal Navy fucked about with until they crashed into the Skye Bridge and provided citizens with a laugh during the dark days of the Blitz.

    Here we see its inventor, Sir Stuart Napier pictured in 1943 on holiday with his wife Edna who was recovering from the effects of the Atkins Diet.

  10. When I saw the title I thought Fullers had stopped making London Pride. I am relieved but pleased be sensitive in what how you neme a thread. To join the spirit of the thread I do think we need a bit of revolution to put the MP's in their place.
  11. Has she just farted?
  12. Being a New Zealand lout, I have to say that a tax increase on Double Brown would be end of the world enough.. *cough* (Cries of 'cheap bastard' from the cheap seats)
  13. But the place does need a damn good riot to shake the foundations up a little, not enough to topple, just to remind those in power how temporary their place can be,..
  14. Do you still need the Velcro gloves?
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  15. How many times ? .............. what happens in the sheep pen stays in the sheep pen FFS !.
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