End of the whingeing about C1

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by msr, Oct 14, 2009.

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  1. msr

    msr LE

    Can everyone bore off somewhere else. Any more threads without something constructive to say will be 'holed

  2. I think you might have picked the wrong moment to come back..... (welcome back BTW)
  3. I think he came back at exactly the right moment.
  4. eh? Pleae forgive my understanding of irony - do you mean wrong or right
  5. Right in that he might get rid of some of the mopping and mowing brigade...
  6. Correct.
  7. Ok, you missed the first clue..... oh the irony
  8. I didn't miss anything, unlike yourself who has forgotten the most recent dose of depression meds you whining sad sack.
  9. and 90% of the whinges in this thread come from........... get back to your own forum
  10. Did anyone not notice that UOTC's the Cadets and 500 Regular Recruits got humped too...?

    and quite a few other important issues...(in a much bigger picture than just us)

    Not as if it did not effect anyone else is it...
  11. the OTC thing is interesting, given that the Army seems to get around 50% of its officer intake from OTCs they presumably intended to cut back offr recruiting as well as soldier recruiting. Nice low key way of shafting the regulars without them really noticing.

    You have to admire the cunningness of the plan
  12. We wouldn't notice :)
  13. Well talking about OTC's being hit. My impression is that it will only be the diehard people who want to join as an officer straight after Uni that definitely stick this out, like myself. However another large number of people in the OTC are not 100% about joining, but after the experiences tend to join up whether it is immediately or later on in their lives. These are people we really want to worry about loosing. We are a MSR for officers, and this will effect the regulars down the line.
    Just to point out I am not whining, just voicing an opinion; and yes this is only my 2nd post but does that make it any less valid.
  14. Okay: twopen'orth.

    This moment in the history of the, 'Volunteers', might well turn out to be as seminal as the Haldane reforms, 1914 & 1938, and TELIC, in terms of its longterm resilience and utility as a reserve force capable of providing trained soldiers to operations.

    I've had six months of pretty low level attendence since I de-mobbed in May. I've got quite used to no Drill Nights and weekends free to do anything I like. I'm usually a 90 - 100 day a year man; I've had a stab at sub-unit command; worn green for 18 years; and put an Op tour in in the last twelve months. I'm going to find it a struggle to break both myself and the family back into being away so often as is required to acheive those things which need to be acheived in terms of preparing my soldiers to go to places hot and sandy. I find it impossible to believe that the result of closing the doors for six months (after effectively shutting the whole thing down in all but name for the previous six months) is going to be anything other than a substantial loss in both the established numbers and hard-won contemporary effectiveness of the TA.

    Given that the operational draw on TA manpower is expected to be 2,000 per annum for at least the next three years, there is going to have to be a 'significant' (to say the very least) turn around between Apr 10 and the point at which this reqirement becomes a current issue.

    I can see the arguments in regard to the squeeze on the Regular Army, reduced Phase 1 intakes, Estate freezes and all the rest, and I'd be the last to suggest that the TA's position is out of line with the pain being felt by the other two thirds of the, 'One Army' (TM). However, there will be a Regular Army beyond the temporal limits of current austerity rounds: I am less convinced that we will have a functioning reserve (leaving aside the all the sanity and insanity included in discussions of the doctrinal speciousness of a perpetually committed 'reserve'...) beyond the point at which we corporately decide that we, once again, have the shekels to fund it.

    Frankly, this might just give me the reason I need to actually spend time with the family that I've only ever been a part-time father to. There are doubtless other things that will fill the economic gap. The 'citizen of a liberal state', in me, who sees that the only legitimate function of government is the security of the state, is finding it difficult to see that the expenditure of more funding on benefits than is gained from income tax whilst closing down significant chunks of our defence can be the legitimate act of a liberal government.

    ...and not a mention of C1.
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