End of the RASS

To anyone who has been stationed in BAOR/BFG over the last 30 years the RASS is anything from a family day out, a chance to mix with the Germans, a chance for the Germans to see us or just a good long weekend on the p*ss.

Well it has been reported that this years RASS is going to be the last, and although this has regularly reported over the years, this time it was at an official press conference by Commander 20 Armd Bde.

The reason? Operational commitments and a lack of manpower. Once again it seems that 'as we are busy, but not over streached' it's the good things that get dropped first! We seem to be so strapped that we can't even put on an annual bash that prvides PR, a good get together and a chance for the lads/lasses to let off steam when they are not off on commitments.

In compensation it has been mentioned that the Rheindalen Show would still be available. As well as being a poor 'second best', this also indicates that the 'soft' tail still gets all the best in facilities while the RASS, being staged in the centre of the BFG area was at least available to all.

I have always met up with old faces that I hadn't seen for ages and who were stationed all over germany. Who's going to travel to JHQ from Hohne or Fally? And let's face it, they need a weekend of fun more than they do in JHQ.

So, if you would like my advice...... Get your ARRSEs down to Bad Lipp and make this one go with a bang.  


Duty Rumour from the German press (Neue Westfälische Bielefeld edition) dated 21 may 2002.

There is a good posibility that there will be an Anglo German show along the lines of the RASS... heres hoping this will come to pass as it is too good an event to become a footnote in history.
I've been talking to plenty of local german types, and the general opinion is that the thing that made the RASS worth going to for the Germans was it's 'Britishness'. Many say that if it went 'too German' it would just be another Schutzenfest/Stadtfest like all the rest.  :-[