End of the Non job

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by brettarider, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. Looks like the end of the non-job is nigh no more open air co-ordinators and waste of time jobs however I'll wager it's the bin men and the like that get the chop hopefully the CSA as well :twisted:

    As many as 350,000 public sector jobs could be lost over the next five years, the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) is warning.

    Chief economist John Philpott says the recession will bring "a bloodbath in the public finances" which will force employers to slash their workforce.

    This could lead to "guerrilla war" in the workplace, characterised by repeated strike action, he said.

    The CIPD says about 30,000 jobs will be cut at local councils in the next year.

    Figures released last week by the Office for National Statistics showed that overall UK unemployment was rising faster in this recession than at any time since the 1980s.

    Despite this, employment in public sector occupations such as education, health, and public administration were up 2% year-on-year.

    But Mr Philpott believes any optimism based on figures like this is "premature".

    "The public sector has yet to feel the full impact of the recession, and the resultant bloodbath in the public finances," he said.

    Sympathy will have been frayed by private sector job losses and pay freezes which will have touched many families
    John Philpott, CIPD

    Bank policy man warns on jobless

    "The CIPD's current estimate is that the fiscal squeeze implied by government plans will result in a total of 350,000 job cuts in the public sector overall between 2010/11 and 2014/15.

    "This will be preceded by around 30,000 job cuts in local authorities in the next year."

    'Age of austerity'

    Mr Philpott said the likely scale of job cuts required would "inevitably have an impact on levels of public service provision".

    And he stressed that the "impending age of austerity" would mean that "the greater job security and relative generous pay and pensions packages enjoyed by public sector workers will soon be a thing of the past".

    The CIPD is also warning that there could be a dramatic increase in industrial action.

    "As a result the coming era of public sector austerity might not only witness large scale job cuts, but also an ongoing 'workplace guerrilla war' marked by waves of major public sector strikes and regular bouts of unrest," Mr Philpott said.

    "One brake on this possibility may well be wider public opinion.

    "Here sympathy will have been frayed by private sector job losses and pay freezes which will have touched many families, and further exacerbated by a growing awareness of the huge gulf between generous public sector pensions and private sector pension schemes that have been squeezed and in many cases closed."

    A report by the NHS Confederation warned last week that the health service in England is facing a real-terms budget reduction of between £8bn and 10bn over the three years after 2011.

    And on Monday, Shadow Chancellor George Osborne said it would be "ridiculous to pretend there won't be cuts" in public spending in the coming years.

  2. Well I bet a lot of local council workers will be shitting themselves. The amount of totally arrse jobs I have seen advertised by my local council are totally unbelievable.
  3. Non Jobs where Nue Labours way of 'Converting' people who would naturally vote Tory to become Loyal followers of a failed religion.
  4. Can't speak for your local council. I can speak for the bit of my County Council that I work in, where a lot of dedicated people work their bollocks off fulfilling what, in the end, are central Government requirements.
  5. From The Guardian (where else? :p )
    There's fookin hundreds of similar jobs just in that paper. Sacking some of the folk like that would be a good start.
  6. The upside is obvious; the downside is lots more folk on the dole and not paying tax.

    Well, it's not like the private sector is going to suddenly create 350,000 jobs is it?
  7. seaweed

    seaweed LE Book Reviewer

    Sadly, in this sort of situation the chairborne may prove to have the edge over the doers. But a cull of the useless mouths on the public gravy train is very long overdue and is part - by diverting money and brainpower into unproductive work - of the reason the country is on the present horrendous financial mess. Equally sadly broon knows that of he can hang on a bit then cameron and the Tories will get the blame for the pain involved in thinning out these drones, who have only been given these jobs to ensure their part of the Labour vote.
  8. But hasn't that financial guru, the blessed Gordon (praise be upon him) decreed that this will be a Private sector only recession?

    I would have thought that anyone could understand that if the wealth creating sector is contracting rapidly (which it is) then the wealth spending sector should be contracting also, not expanding - that is simple economics.

    This is the first article that I have seen that actually states this - however, putting these fine words into practice is a different matter.

    My own local council has more than doubled in size since 1997 (as has my council tax) and I can't say that I have seen a 100% improvement in quality of services - quite the opposite, in fact.
  9. They haven't explained that they'll have to create a whole new Public Body with a fully staffed department so as to carry out a full study over 5-10 years so as to be able to establish which areas of the Public Sector the emphasis needs to be directed at. Obviously whilst working in a multicultural and fair environment whilst maintaining high levels of diversity and equality to achieve the unachievable aims that will be laid down by some expenses thief from government, may be the Right Honourable Elliot Morley would fit the bill :D
  10. Part of the Labour "scorched earth" policy. When they have spent all the money, printed more and then spent that as well, they know they are on limited time. So, to ensure re-election, you employ thousands in public sector jobs that have no chance of sustainability during a downturn and when the Conservatives take over and cut public spending, these public sector staff go on strike, cause massive disruption to peoples daily lives so that Labour can appear on TV with the "look what the torries are doing to our country "routine. Naturaly, all the voters will have forgotten how we got there in the first place and so the cycle begins again
  11. Nail on the Head.

    The General Population are all as thick as mince and many can't plan for tomorrow let alone remember what happened two days ago. Most are natural born liars as well and have a complete inability to be able to admit any fault. I come across the GP every day and they all lie to your face and treat you as if you're as stupid as they are, I fecking hate them and my patience is wearing very thin.
  12. you dont posess any automatic weapons or live near Hungerford do you :?