End of Sport

Discussion in 'Sports, Adventure Training and Events' started by Markintime, Oct 26, 2008.

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  1. Football is our national game but we rarely get to see live matches on BBC, we can't see cricket and the rugby world cup is played on ITV. We don't get to see our national sides play on our nationally owned television channels but today folks, you can watch American Football!

    The BBC dropped Rugby League (apart from the Challenge Cup) citing that there wasn't enough national interest in the game. Sky took over and as a consequence the game has come on in leaps and bounds. Isn't it about time that our own sports got a bit of coverage and investment before promoting the US massively over funded sports which have only minority interest over here?
  2. I agree. There used to be a list of sports that had to be on free to air terrestrial television. Can't remember what they were, probably because in those days we just took it for granted. Those were the days when the BBC was recognised as the premium channel for sports coverage.

    The problem is in these commercial days that commercial TV simply outbids the BBC (Despite the fact that the commercial TV and radio providers spend their life moaning about the BBC having a competitive advantage, which is just bo11ocks).

    Should the government step in and legislate to ensure that these sports (or at least some of them) are restored to the good old Beeb (or even ITV and other free to air stations)? Hardly the function of government, is it?

    But how else will it ever be available for all to see again? If we were ever in a world cup final ever again (fat chance!) would it be a shared national experience, that all saw and remembered, or would it just be something talked about by those who had Sky TV? And if the latter, would it be devalued in the national psyche as a result?
  3. We're doing you a favor and this is the thanks we get? :twisted:

    Cricket and 'soccer' are the dullest, most boring sports in the history of mankind (well ok, baseball is in that same group). Only soccer can have a 0-0 scored game in the 52nd minute and have it be described as 'titanic struggle'...ZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzz. Seriously, dull doesn't describe it.

    And cricket? Jerry Lewis' view given recently in Australia: ...asked his opinion on cricket.

    "Oh, cricket? It's a fag game. What are you, nuts?" :twisted:

    Seriously, you ought to get down on your knees and wish for gridiron every Sunday, though I agree with you that Rugby League is a lot of fun.
  4. I'm sure that the world cup final is protected by some law to be shown on a free channel.
    As to the rest of it if sky hadn't paid for the premiership (and other sports) we wouldn't have a football league that is the envy of the rest of the world.
  5. Please say that whole comment was sarcasm.
  6. Not a bit. In fact here is the proposed new symbol for FIFA:



  7. During a lull in soldierly activity during GW1 we got together with some Americans to play some sport. It was decided we would play American Football 1 day Rugby Union the next.
    American Football was amazingly complicated with some plays where you could tackle and some it seems where you couldn't. Our teacher explained that the game is an awful lot like chess all to do with plays and gambits.
    It is also interrupted, on TV, every few minutes for moronic adverts or for talks, a fag break, hamburger, virtually anything really. Apparently if you watch the game live it can take up to four hours for the match to be played.
    I would rather watch televised chess (no, that's a lie, I wouldn't watch either) than American Football. The game is dull and false and can in no way compete with the end to end adrenalin pumping excitement of Rugby, either code. Come to think of it American Football would get my vote for THE most boring game in the world ever, even more boring than Olympic Paint Drying.
  8. WTF??? How can any american be allowed a point of view on what does and doesn't constitue an exciting sport? All your sports are designed solely to enable sports equipment manufacturers to sell as much kit as possible, and they change the rules for the benefit of television, and gridiron (not worthy of the term football) baseball, basketball and ice hockey are as dull as sh1t, no tension or drama, just constant scoring so mindless rednecks can honk along like seals, at the end of the day with the constant stream of latin immigrants football is going to be your number one sport as well in the long run, so you'll need to throw away your gay armour and helmet, man up and learn to play real mens sports...
  9. Seriously Virgil, you're a colonial and therefore have no valid opinion. :D

    However, American "Football" is a product of the American Psyche, demanding instant (well after three hours or so) gratification and no "tie". You also require a break every forty seconds or so to allow for a Hot Dog / Cigarette / Drinks / Rest Room break in order to lend further self gratification to the whole experience.

    Throw into the mix forty or so Armoured Behemoths all climbing on each other and rubbing together and you begin to recognise what a massively Homo Erotic self pleasuring experience the whole shebang is. 8O

    Football is a game played by the rest of the world for a reason. It is simple, requires little or no equipment other than a ball and to be successful it requires an element of team work - hence it spreads its popularity. Same for Rugby - a ball and some like minded people is all you need to have an enjoyable game.

    At its most basic you can do the same with GridIron - but to look like your hereoes takes a lot more - which is where Footbalol and Rugby are streets ahead.

    That and the fact that American Football is shite of course........ ;)
  10. Cricket? It's an televison advertisers wet dream

    Ad exec: "so matches last how long then?"
    Blokey "Sometimes 3 days"
    Ad Exec (hunching up in joy)"unrh great!! and how often does play pause?"
    Blokey "every six balls or "over", they change ends"
    Ad Exec "wow, excuse me i seem to have messed my self"

    it's only the poor show of the 1926 north yorkshire county cricket cheer leading team in their inaugural North American winter tour that has meant Cricket never got the lift off in the states it deserved........
  11. Gridiron is a fantastic sport, as mentally challenging as anything else; the college level more enjoyable than the NFL or CFL for my money.

    I also believe that Rugby, both league and union are excellent. The hitting is less--in gridiron most of the players are engaged in collisions every play, the rules for tacking and hitting are liberal ie most hitting from foot to neck is a go--but in rugby the hitting that occurs is without pads and the action is constant.

    Soccer, just dull as dirt.

    Perfect for poor third world types; one ball keeps them from begging on the streets I suppose and gives them time away from those nagging stomach-is-empty noises.

    "Ladies and gents we're involved in an epic struggle here, the game has ten minutes left and the score is 0 - 0. Good God, what a game!" ZZzzzzzzzz.

  12. I like to use the word 'effeminization'.
  13. Comment about 'Third World Begging' is not really welcome, or funny, as for you view on football, I'm not sure I can be bothered to get too defensive, if you cannot see why it is the world’s most popular game then you clearly are a moron. :evil:

  14. I don't normally defend football....but then again I don't normally listen to colonial drivel either.
    How come Sceptics don't play team sports with the rest of the world?
    How come you can have a world championship that only involves one country?
    When your ready to join the rest of planet Earth in the joy that is international sport. we will talk. Until then put on your massive padding and helmet and ponse around for four hours waiting for the oxygen mask!

    Gridiron! pah!

    Big girls blouses in tights more like!
  15. I seem to recall rugby teams from both codes have travelled to the US before and played a game of septic queerball against them followed by a game of rugby. The septics didn't fair well. ;)