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Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by Bad CO, Mar 5, 2004.

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  1. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    If you want to say goodbye to Spam forever then I thoroughly recommend this:
    Mailwasher Pro

    There is also a free version that is excellent too:
  2. Good link from BCO, but a word of warning.

    If you are using this to filter personal emails, crack on, it's an excellent system that gets rid of all the annoying b0llocks that keeps telling me that I need Viagra and can meet lots of horny houswives in my area (hang on, that the ones I do want)


    If you are using it for business use, be VV careful. I ran this for a while and have come across legitimate emails from prospective customers that it has deleted for some reason that no one can figure out. I found this one the other day simply by going through the "deleted" file on Outlook out of curiosity

    "> I have received no reply to my earlier e mails. Am I to understand that
    > your are too busy to take on this work?
    > Please call me on ********** to confirm what is happening. Thank you
    > Richard

    This was a 125K job 8O

    Luckily, it was from someone I have dealt with a few times so he understood when I explained the spam filter problem.

    We have now gone back to filtering mail manually. Spammers are b*stards but not as much of a b*stard as it would have been as losing that job!

    Have tried a few and am yet to see one that is 100% smack on. You are better off (business users) spending a few hours teaching the “mail rules” filters in Outlook Express every swear word that you can think of.
  3. Bad CO

    Bad CO LE Admin Reviews Editor Gallery Guru

    Mailwasher doesn't put deleted spam in your outlook deleted items - it deletes them before they get anywhere near your computer thus saving you the bandwidth/time/cost involved in downloading them. I suspect that your problem may have been down to Outlook itself.....
  4. Which in all honesty would be even worse, at least i got to recover the emails that were accidentally deleted.

    I am not poo pooing the concept of the Spam Filter, neither am I saying don't use it, all I am saying is that as a business user, be very careful that these filters do not end up deleting legitimate emails.

    This has happened to me the other way round as well, where our digital signature (supplied by Thwart), was seen as "spam" by one of our major blue chips spam filters and all of our emails to them were automatically deleted.

    Just be very, very, very sure that it works.
  5. another good program is Spamkiller from McAfee.
    It isolates Spam so you can review it, you delete it yourself, or retrieve it if it isn't spam.
    You can adjust many parameters of what to recognise as spam or not spam.
  6. Doh... what's the point of isolating spam only so you can 'review it'? You might as well just get it all in your inbox. Trying to filter keywords in Outlook Express also doesn't work - spammers just insert wildcard characters. I have had many offers for "V1AGRA" and "V I A G R A". The only way to be devoid of spam is to make a new very long cryptic email address and NEVER give it out to anyone, not even your mother. That way you can log in several times a day, content in the fact that you will never, ever get a message of any sort. Thus saving you plenty of time for more important matters.
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  7. I'm beginning to think you Brits don't like us Spams anymore. :D
  8. What do you mean 'anymore'? - we never did.
  9. I love Spam me 8O
  10. Use an email provider that scans before it sends it to you.

    I use


    free, or nearly free.

    But you do need to set it up as an IMAP account.

    What's IMAP?


  11. i've got a upgraded yahoo account that allows pop access and the yahoo spam filter is excellent. It captures just about everything and puts it in bulk mail, then you have an option not to download that file to outlook. Coupled with good antivirus and a few well placed rules in outlook, the package is excellent. I havent had a problem since i started using it.

  12. That's the point, the program isolates the Spam so you don't download it to your computer.
    You can review the isolated Spam to ensure that no regular mail has been isolated with the Spam in error. Likewise you can review the regular mail before downloading and delete any spam that has slipped through, or other mail you don't want.
    Spamkiller also allows you to send UCE complaints, and "no such e-mail address" error messages, all before downloading mail. If you are so ambitions.

    But if you'd rather just download it all to your computer, fill your boots.

    Spamkiller works well for me.
  13. X-Inf

    X-Inf War Hero Book Reviewer

    Why does some IT genius not come up with a programme we can put on our PCs which we can use to return to spammers, without opening their trash, a message saying F*** You (or words to that effect).

    This would be the equivalent of returning , empty, the 'return in the enclosed envelope' spam letters dropping through the door via snail mail.
  14. That would be too logical for an IT genius to think of. (one problem though, is they hardly ever have a real return address in the spam)

    One has to wonder why spammers spend the time an they do in creating the garbage they send, and thinking up clever ways of getting through all the filters.
    Surely the return is not that lucrative. Who really replies and buys from them?
  15. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer


    Anyone know of any current decent anti spam methods.

    I took out a lease on a car a few weeks back and ever since they ran the credit check on me, my previously pristinely clean email account is getting bombarded with PPI shit, debt consolidation, life insurance, credit cards, online casinos and Nigerian lawyers with loads of cash waiting for me.

    I'm literally getting one every 10 minutes.