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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Heidhurtin, Jan 8, 2010.

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  1. I'm just 'avin' a whinge. 28 years service, spent 6 months waitin' for an operation (surgical kind) (postponed for 6 months by the service), now reached the end of my "contract" and they're kicking me out while I'm still on crutches. Investors In People? Or have we forgotten all that.

    I'm not as bad as some, thankfully, but I'm pissed off that they wouldn't give me a couple more months service to let me recover and "actively seek work"! :x
  2. Bring it up on your final Medical, get a disability allowance
  3. Yeh, got that covered, ta. Still pissed off though - it's not gonna make up for the 3 months before I can walk properly again.
  4. Did you get sick leave? What did you you do for your resettlement? What are you going to do on your terminal leave?

    I only ask because sick leave is to recover (although its never enough and youll end up using your terminal leave to recover in!) and the other two can be used to actively seek work (unless youre using it to recover!).
  5. On sick leave now, but that runs concurrently with my terminal leave - discharge date is 31 Jan 10, sick leave till 13 Jan 10, operation was on 11 Dec 09 - recovery time 12 weeks. I've done all my resettlement etc, no complaints and had plenty of time to do that, just f***ing annoyed that they wouldn't give me an extra 2-3 months to let me recover, since the op was delayed by the system!
  6. recover whilst being paid with no intention of return to service?

    Or top quality medical care which will help u in civvy street?

    dont you think you have had a good run at 28 years fella?
  7. Considering the injury was due to service - yes.

    No, I only want to have the cast off my leg so I stand a chance at interviews etc. Subsequent rehab etc can be done in civvy steet.

    Quite the opposite - I've given them 28 years & pre-planned my resettlement time round this op. They delayed the treatment which has screwed my timings and left me with the prospect of a couple of months on crutches and no income.
  8. I'm not sure if this would work, but you could go and see yr MO the day you "return" from sick leave, explaining that you still require treatment (the rehab you refer to). There have been cases where a discharge already underway was deferred until a med issue was resolved. This will depend on precise clinical issues, so may not be available to you - but if you don't ask, you won't get.