End of Phase 2 -> Tour


I'm set to finish my armr cse around about July this year and my posting is to 3 CS Bn REME, part of 20th armoured brigade who it seems are doing Herrick 15 in October.

Am I likely to be arriving at unit and getting ready to go straight on tour or not?
Look forward to being on rear party, as the rest of the Bn will have been training for the best part of a year by the time you get there.


I'm at 3Bn, and as stated above pre-deployment training has already begun. The sweeper for the OpTAG ARB was last week and the phys has been getting ramped up in readiness for further training. I'm not sure howmany armourers are going on tour, but do know that a lot have been back and forward to the UK on courses since before Xmas. You might be lucky if you want to go on tour,but it does seem a little bit soon as by the time you have had your relocation leave,booked in etc it'll be getting into August and only leave a matter of a few weeks until the first guys leave for tour.
Think of the number of wives left behind. Good hunting.


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Look up 'Reme_armr' on here, he's there at the moment, or better yet dial 192 and ask for the number for 3Bn armr shop.
When did training for Herrick 14 begin? If you're posted to the Commandos and are in the REME, will you be attached to 24 CDO REGT RE?

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