End of Overseas Tour - Married Unaccompanied - Entitlements

My husband is serving Married Unaccompanied in BFG and he is posted to Catterick.
I am currently residing in our Marital Home in Scotland.
He has been informed that he is only entitled to a Trooping Flight and Rail Warrant to get to his new Duty Station however, he has a vehicle to transport to the UK.
Is he entitled to move the vehicle at Public Expense ie MMA plus Ferry / Eurotunnel?
Help please as the clerks are being as helpful as usual.
Take leave before posting and travel by ferry one way. Drop car at home. Return by cheap flight, one way. On posting travel on trooper as usual. No problems. Have done this for a lot of my guys coming back on posting from BFG
Thats about the size of it, although if he is getting an overnight ferry he may be able to claim for the cabin part of the ferry ticket, MMA from BFG to ferry port and ferry port to Catterick (obviously check with his admin as it may be different for married unaccompanied compared to married accompanied).

Its the same rules for a family returning to the UK, you can all have flight tickets at public expense but they wont pay for you to put your car on the ferry. Make sure he fills up at the last petrol station that takes the fuel coupons as he leaves the fatherland, because fuel in cloggieville isnt cheap either and if hes on fumes when he rolls off at Hull its mega bucks.


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devexwarrior said:
Ain't life a bitch!

How much does a squaddie get paid?
How much is fuel in Germany?
What's the cost of a ferry ticket?

Get a life
Very Jack. Not the point, legitimate expenses incurred in the line of duty should be reimbursed. Why should any soldier have to pay shed loads of money because s/he is being posted.

The system ought to be helping him get as much as he is entitled to. I'm glad you are not anywhere in my chain of command given that you don't seem to give a flying fcuk for anyone else's welfare.
The Army is jack, but why should it pay for your car? It already pays to move all of your belongings, gives you disturbance allowance, offers to pay your airfare but pays you MMA on top of your fuel coupons if you decide to drive, gives you cash towards ferry ticket if it involves an over night, pays you some cash for scoff on the days youre travelling and even gives you money to buy newspapers (down from £10 in BFG to £5 now) etc...

Its crap but there is give and take on both sides.


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Every move we've made, bar one, over the last ten years has cost us money. A year after the last move we're about to make move No6 which will again cost us. I suppose some may consider vehicles and pets to be a luxury but they are fairly normal. We have no choice about where we are being sent, its not unreasonable to expect the costs of that to be met.