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Discussion in 'Northern Ireland (Op BANNER)' started by gaz-hell, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. When OP Banner ends in the near future any one know what will happen to things like NI pay , NILW'S and extra travel warrents ? will all this end too as we will be "none operational" :?
  2. What about married quarter charges? Will they revert to mainland rates?
  3. If you do not get the correct answer from this thread am I right to presume that you will not find out at all and eventually find yourself in dire straits? C'mon, serious questions please. Right now there is plenty of useful info floating about on this subject, ask you admin office or boss FFS. It's like me asking if anyone knows where I can purchase black boot polish.
  4. as far as i am aware EVERYTHING reverts to normal uk mainland, not gospel only second hand info from my mates that are still serving in the province, lucky i left when i did then is'nt it ????
  5. It's called 'normalisation' and it can't come quickly enough.

    All that 'extra' manpower....
  6. I've heard the same as knocker, but that there will be a small daily allowance to compensate for NI not being part of the mainland.
  7. You will find your pay packet severely reduced quicker than you can say "more government cutbacks".

    Then you won't be able to buy black boot polish, even if you can find some.

  8. Offically OP BANNER ends on the first of August next year, it would be safe to assume that allowances will continue until this date. On a personal note I leave in the first tranche 31 mar 07, I would like to thank all those who have expressed support for those being made redundant VMT
  9. or "pay rise for the government...........yes i feel we have earnt it"...................................CNUTS :x :x :x :x
  10. Yeah - thats a point. Where do you get it?
  11. obviously as it is non-operational, risk-free, and no different from the UK Mainland... all OOB areas will have to be lifted and there will be no walking-out restrictions :)
  12. And of course, free travel to and from the mainland, no more extra delivery charges for anything, and car insurance prices will halve to be the same as the mainland...
  13. From the duty rumours doing the rounds it will remain different from Mainland UK, the OOB areas will remain in place and becuase of such there will a welfare package with a X factor pay supplement probably closer to London in Waiting pay than current NI pay and a warrant package again reduced from what is currently offered. Food charges etc will come in to alignment with the Mainland.

    Was briefed on this about a year ago but not heard anything since to confirm it. Been too busy normalising I suppose.
  14. you mean you can actually get black boot polish. thank god for that, running out of spit.