End of NATO?

With 3 Shock Army dissolving and with the majority of our so-called allies turning their backs on Great Briton and America, is this the end for NATO. I think it is, I think a new alliance should be born, re-named and for those countries who credibly make up a strong force for world peace, anti terror and stabilisation.

Multi National forces? The concept is brilliant but lets face it the Balkan experience has seen peace keepers from many nations who tour for six months, buy duty frees then go home. If there is ever any serious tasking, it is left to the Brits or Yanks.

The Gulf has proven, thanks to the French, that Europe is sound for economics but for defence I think not. We as a nation have shed blood on two major occasions for the French yet they have shown no support when we asked.

Do we re-shuffle? I think it’s time to change decks!


The EU is not looking too healthy either-It could be time for the English speaking world to re-establish their moral and natural superiority over the rest of humanity-French speaking could soon be a forgotten art!!


I think the EU,NATO and UN need to be looked at long and hard in respect of how the UK fits in.

They haven't backed us from any of the forums, so surely we are not considered part of any of them now!

I am amazed the French didn't table a UN resolution to help defend Iraq with Germany, Russia and China- Now that would have been a war to end all wars!


I couldn't agree more.

The first change that should happen is the second Nato language (French ) be scraped.

And Secondly move SHAPE and NATO HQ to an ally that won't scrap any diplomatic attepmts to see the world  free from terror.


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This has always been the case, the only truly committed troops in the cold war was us and the yanks, the rest of them were just useless conscript armies with lots of 9-5 officers in charge.  

NATO is a stage show and it makes us all part of a club rather that fight with each other.  
I am amazed the French didn't table a UN resolution to help defend Iraq with Germany, Russia and China- Now that would have been a war to end all wars!

My biggest fear, was the Russians lifting 2 Airborne Brigades to Mosul, to "protect" their investments....

and Bullshit,

*cough* and the Germans.

From what I remember, being there from time to time during the 80's, I never met a Boxie who wasn't prepared to fight. Every conversation I had in kellars at the time, was about "How the British and Germans will fight the Russians" There were still plenty of Middle aged Germans knocking about, who were looking forward to Round 2. Mind you, that was when they still thought that a divided Germany was a stain on their souls


Don't think that anyone else is going to do what NATO does and can do.  Who else is going to provide and plan an OP like the current one in Turkey??  What other organisation links US and Europe?  If you think that the EU is anywhere near any sort of Defence capability outside NATO then just wait to see what an AXXXE they will make of FYROM once they get there - and they are relying on a NATO 'rescue' if it ends up being needed.

Whilst the Coalition may be the biggest party in town, some of us (in NATO) have being planning and running Multi-National ops for many years.  It may need some tuning, but it ain't broke yet, so don't fix it!!!


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Sorry to point this out, but we do 4 times more trade with the EU than the Yanks, plus the yank market is diminishing every year.


well the french have always been awkward due to frustrated ambitions and delusion of grandeur as we built our empire on the ruins of the french ambitions  ;D for example we beaten them in canada, india, africa and the napoleanic war no wonder they hate us , well fuk em we won because we are better ,firmer and has the best troops & equipment mind you it was a close run thing in waterloo the prussians helped us in the nick of the time  8) i m willing to admit it unlike the french who haev a hard time accepting the fact we helped them in the 1st & 2nd world war

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