Help. Does anyone have an idiots guide on how to do the end of month reconciliation. I have been out of the job for 18 months just moved to a new unit who are 3 months behind with their returns. No one seems to know anything about it, have spoken to other FSAs they don't seem to have an understanding of it either. Wouold be grateful if there is an expert out there. Cheers
Contact your desk person at LAND ACCOUNTS, they are very helpful and will be able to do a walk-through, talk-through for your return.

Good Luck!
MMP, I take it you did not have a decent HO/TO (if any). Best advice I could give is make sure ther are no skeletons on the DCCA that you do not know about. Know how to produce the EPIC reconcilliation report. By all means go to MG but DO NOT take their figures as read, you must understand and PROVE your side. Last resort go to your friendly SPS branch.
good luck :D
Thanks for the advice, MG were useless as were Bde. And your right there was no handover either. DCCA is in a mess, things on there outstanding from June last year. My next point of call will be to pop into a neighbouring unit and see if they can go through it with me. Once again thanks for your time.
I had a few problems when I did my first one a few months ago and after a few hours of head scratching etc speaking to a couple of friends it all "Kinda" made sense. Not bad after doing the course 3 years previous. After that it went swimmingly, and more important Land Accounts -specifically "Mo" were fantastic and full of assistance if not the final answer.

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