End of Hamas ceasefire?

Interesting article:


In the wake of the Israeli attacks in Gaza, the Syrian-based leadership of Hamas today repeated its claim that the truce with Israel expired in December. The military wing of Hamas has called for attacks to recommence against Israeli and US targets.

I am not clued up on the background to this, so could someone explain the relationship between Khaled Meshaal and Ismail Haniyeh.

Meshaal seems to be making aggressive noises (and has threatened action against US targets in the past IIRC) whereas Haniyeh appears to be the conciliator. Is this:

- a "good cop, bad cop" strategy;

- an attempt to placate extremists on the one hand, while soothing world opinion on the other; or

- indicative of a real split within the Hamas leadership?

And finally, can anyone recommend some good reading material on Hamas?

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