End of FTRS?

Is this just a rumour?

This sort of rumour started back in 2003 post TELIC 1 as part of some money saving exercise. I am still signed on till 2012.

I did hear they are going to be less non essential posts on the RAOL.
I hope its not the end. I was going to apply for one tomorrow, seing as i cant make it as a Rock Ape!
tiffer said:
Give it five years or so and the TA will disappear all together and the Reg army will have part-time posts on strength. ergo all TA inf will be posted on part time contract to their reg counterpart, TA Loggies to theres etc etc. can then sell off most of TA centres and centralise training, training itself will be alongside Regs that the TA will deploy with, so SOPs etc will b ethe same. the base work is already in place... JPA, One Army concept, twinned regular regiments etc. knock on effect is make it easier to transfer between regular/TA without the rigmarole at present. i.e reg soldier needs to reduce hours due to personal issues but likes the job. so he transfers to a part time contract keeping skills within the Army. just like in civvie jobs. TA soldier wants to increase his hours and go full time so applies for vacancy saving recruiting and retraining costs of another medical CMSR etc teaching stuff the guy has already done. many financial and operational benefits to this if it is done correctly to keep all parties happy.
I like it.

It reminds me of Whole Fleet Management but with People instead of Vehicles

Told you :wink:
Its not long ago they were saying they wanted X amount of people in FTRS jobs by 20XX... I'd be very suprised if FTRS ended since its "cheap" fix for gaps.
Dodgy-Engr said:
This sort of rumour started back in 2003 post TELIC 1 as part of some money saving exercise.

It wasn't a rumour - I had a date to attend Chilwell in September 2003 before going on FTRS, having been to visit the receiving unit, met my boss to be, and given notice to my civvy job. I then got a letter about a week before telling me not to bother turning up as they were having a temporary freeze on most or all FTRS posts, including mine. Can't remember the precise details but basically the letter said "we're skint after invading Iraq so we can't afford you, but thanks very much for your interest". Which gave me a warm glow on the way to the job centre!


VEng was supposed to replace the requirement for NRPS & Long Service but thats not happened yet as far as I'm aware.

Opportunities to serve on FTRS may well fall by the wayside the more recruited the regular army become. IMO there will be a need for FTRS Offrs for quite some time.
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