End of feed.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Media_journo, Jun 15, 2010.

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  1. End of feed.
  2. Then join up, get to Afghanistan and get yourself knocked up by an LEC. You can then keep the money and write your article. You'll be quids in!
  3. J.H.C!

  4. Why not save time and just make it up?
  5. Amy, I'm looking for a female who wants knocked up, or at least for the practice. Can I have the ones who you don't want.
  6. Do you work for Vivid entertainment?
  7. Send for Mazer Mahmood, burkha him up and spray him with pheromones.
  8. Is this what journalism has been reduced to? Why the f*ck did you even bother to go to University?
  9. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    The News of the World would never make a story about the British Army up and publish it. Not like the torturing of Iraqis in the back of a Bedford........ or anything like that.

    And yes, look carefully, our dear Amy is from NOTW - it says so on her email.

    Amy - do you want to be knocked up by someone who has been on the front line - will that do when no-one comes forward for your latest scheme?

    Do I need to begin the Google search on you to make sure you make the grade?
  10. Media alert: looking for some dumb feckwit to do my work for me in return for a modest fee while I sit sipping a cabernet sauvignon on my expenses down at Wapping.
  11. For goodness sake - it's an obvious place for the girl to start looking, and she isn't pretending NOT to be a journo. Give the girl a break.
  12. Wasn't it the esteemed Daily Mirror editor, the execrable Piers Morgan, who got his jotters after printing sexed-up pictures of alleged abuse of Iraqi POWs after having the audacity to continually insist that they were factual when the truck involved hadn't moved wheels outside its depot in Ingerlund?

    Still, didn't do his long term career prospects any harm. **** is on the television more times than Ron Jeremy is on his female porn star colleagues.

  13. that's a fair one bigpod, at least she's been up front about her profession, not like some of the scumbags that come here

    This place is just one port of call for her research
  14. I'm afraid I agree with RTF - it's cheap 'journalism': come up with an idea first at an editorial meeting and then get the 'story' by posting an advert on a website and offering money.

    It's a tactic that works for Jordan / Katona 'scoops' but when applied to the military, it's shoddy.
  15. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    TamH70 - it sit corrected. However, I struggle to see the difference in all of the red tops.

    Anyways - serious head on. Has this bint got PR Totty's approval to put up this request?