End of cheque guarantee card

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by putteesinmyhands, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. My bank informed me that cheque guarantee cards are to be annulled in the next month or so. No great problem as I don't use cheques very often nor, I imagine, do many others.

    But then it occurred to me that cheques have been invaluable for people in the bleak outposts of the British Military world, FI for example, where there are no cash machines and the solution is to present cheque and cheque guarantee card at the Post Office.

    Will BFPO accept cheques without a card or do they have an alternative measure planned/in place?
  2. This is like the crisis they had when ballpoints were invented. Would a cheque still be valid if it wasn't written with a fountain pen?
  3. Going on from this, do you still need a chequebook to get paid in Afghanistan? I ask because the account I hold is a no frills account and doesn't support them.
  4. I heard that personal cheques will be done away with completely. No longer needed due to debit/credit cards.

    Also the requirement to enter your pin when using a debit card for purchases under 15 GBP is going to be removed eventually. If I remember the article correctly it said that you would be able to make several transactions below 15GBP by just swiping the card. I believe it said that if you made 3 transactions below 15GBP no pin then on the fourth transaction a PIN entry to confirm the card. Then its free to make more.

    Is that happening yet.
  5. There is a new Post Office counter package being rolled out this year across BFG. I don't know the full spec of this kit yet, or indeed which FPO's will be up and running first, but considering a broadband connection is required we can assume that card transactions will feature in some capacity.
  6. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

    Banks are doing away with personal cheques 'for the convenience of the customer' (code for 'to save us lots of money'), so getting rid of the guarantee card is part of that process. Even though millions of cheques are still processed every week.

    Clubs and societies are going to have a big problem - how do you get a financial or online transaction countersigned by two people?
  7. Not used a card for cheques for ages.

    All it actally is is a letter to teh bank telling them to pay the bearer... you could just write notes from now on, simples.

    If cheques go, then it could be a return of the AR in foreign, sandy places.
  8. The aforementioned counter package will be used on ops too.
  9. Quite Easily - my company's financial transactions are 95% online and requires two authorisers of which I am one. There are a number of bank derived software packages that will enable two individuals to authorise a transaction before it is processed.
  10. That's what I'm hoping for, rather than set up a current account just to get a chequebook.
  11. Boldnotold

    Boldnotold LE Book Reviewer

    Fine for companies, but what about your local sports club, chess club, garden society, youth club, village hall, 'Friends of' etc. Which Committee Member's pc will have the software? Do they have to invite people into their home to countersign? What happens when they stand down?
  12. We maybe doing away with cards for small transactions as well. In Africa they have a system called m-pesa where you use your mobile phone to do small transactions, you text the cash to whoever you want to pay. As most people there don't have access to bank accounts they buy a mobile phone sim and pay their cash into an agent who credits their phone and allows them to send cash. It might be the case that for small transactions you swipe your phone.

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  13. Hawala's the answer.
    Now, what did I do with that torn up playing card?
  14. I can see the headline now.

    "New counter measures in Afghanistan "
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  15. parking, online services(facebook, dating sites, gaming sites), bus and tram tickets all paid by mobile phone UK has a spend limit of 30GBP. The Mobile operators love it as they get approx 50% of the revenue. Remember those ringtone subscriptions that people were getting ripped off on well this is what they are all moving into now. Phone Pay Plus regulates the industry and are trying to shake the image of rip off phone scams for mobile payment real world transactions the regulator are very very strict and have chased a lot of the major scammers out of the industry. So not soon, but now your mobile phone account is an operational credit card.

    Word to the wise password protect your mobile now as once the transaction is through you are responsible, small print in your contract. Also be aware if your kids have a contract phone in your name its your responsibility and if they run up a massive bill remember the phone will have a 30GBP a day limit could be a real kick in the pods at the end of the month.

    Pay as you go can be used as well but limited to the available credit on the account.

    Mobile operators are loathe to do it but you can instruct them to ban the number from premium short codes.