End of Browne, beginning of Hutton?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Unsworth, Jun 16, 2008.

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  1. Old news - Hutton was being talked about as a successor when Swiss Tony took a week off for 'exhaustion' in April.
  2. Indeed he was, but not by the mouthpiece of No 10, Nick Robinson, and not in quite such glowing terms.

    Anyway, I was asking for views (about the individuals). Would Hutton be any better or worse or different?
  3. Is that what he calls it?
  4. And one has to ask which particular job is he so keen to keep?
  5. With respect mate the question is irrelevant. It will not make a blind bit of difference who holds the role because no one is capable of producing a more beneficial outcome for HMF until there is a Cyclops shaped hole at No 10.

    Short of a pleasant surprise his anti-Forces crusade will continue for a few years yet, as evidenced - if true - by the passing over of General Dannatt. Still, I like surprises :D
  6. Burgger you both beat me to it :D

    However I am a bit confused - why would Hutton want to be SoS for Scotland or are we talking about the junior post of Minister of Defence :?:
  7. I'm sure he can do both, in the same way that Browne is.
  8. Since the word 'job' does seem to imply that he actually does some work/makes a positive contribution to the running of things might not 'position' be a better replacement? Sinecure might be more apt but I guess I'm in a generous mood this afternoon. :)
  9. Err, I assume it is because he is the only member of the cabinet who sounds like was born in the south of england.

    I think Zanu Bob Labour are worried about their collapsing middle class vote!

    I like John Hutton but I doubt he'll get the support of Zanu Bob Parliamentary Party.
  10. That said, it's Brown who makes the appointments and, clearly, the operational decisions. The question might then be does Hutton have the testicles and inclination to stand his (the military's) corner or would he just be a different mouthpiece?

    What's Browne's record of standing up to Brown?