End of an Era?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by BiscuitsAB, Apr 19, 2010.

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  1. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    The way the european governments and their scientists are speaking we may not have flights over europe for months.

    So is this a reason to panic? What if its the end of the air industry as we know it? would that be a bad thing?

    How about an opportunity to take passenger and freight flight in another direction one that uses less fuel?

    The last few decades have all about speed maybe its time to move away from that and we may well have an opportunity to do so with powered flight.

    The obvious avenue to look at IMHO would be airships.

    any takers or any thoughts?
  2. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    I know this is the NAAFI bar but if it goes on a good while it has the potential to force a rethink of our dependency on food (and other) imports.

    Without being accused unnecessarily of being a brownshirt, it could also highlight the folly of unlimited immigration as we try to feed/clothe/house more people with fewer resources.

    There's already talk of a bailout which will rival that proposed post 9/11; whether that would prompt moves to equalise the tax burden for the air industry is anyone's guess. Personally, I think that we're too fond of our fornight in the sun to allow that to happen.

    But airships? Yes, please. Why not.
  3. Apart from the obvious (we're all DOOOOOOOOOOOMED!), this could be an ideal impetus to start looking at alternative air travel. Personally I'd like to see us going in 2 directions - lower and a lot slower (airships for large bulk cargo, and for the equivalent to tourist cruises and the like), and higher and a LOT faster (suborbital to Sanger type boost-skip-entry) where cost is less of an issue.

    Realistically, we're looking at a long time to come with winged cylinders pootling along at roughly M0.8 at roughly tropopause height.
  4. Is Cargolifter still a going concern?

    I remember reading about these guys last year and they were supposed to be the next big thing.
    Maybe this will be their opportunity? Anyone see the share price..
  5. Tunnels, that's the answer. Forget the going up bit, let's go downwards, and put bullet trains in tunnels.

    All we would need is a couple of million South African miners to dig the fuckin' things
  6. Maybe not as silly as it seems, a trans Europe/Africa tunnel from Gib to Morocco and then a new track across the Sahara and through Africa could solve issues there surely.
  7. Only if you can build waterproof bullet trains 'cos once the sea levels rise all the tunnels will be flooded - those that aren't squished flat by earthquakes of course.
  8. Cargolifter went bust - the new 'CargoLifter' are working on a crane type setup.........
  9. That's a scary thought, it's just a giant swiss ball on string...but imagine the thighs squeezing it......
  10. This is the NAAFI all you brain boxes polluting it with rational theorise and Nobel prize winning thinking outside the box, fuck off and give my head piece the only important question if there is no more flight how am I ever going to join the mile high club?
  11. I think we'll wait for the weather to change by the end of the week, and then carry on as normal.

    Just a hunch, mind.
  12. The volcano was set off by Lord Mandlebum as an excuse to cancel the General Election. YOu read it here first ;)
  13. Er... Er....

    Ok, we'll build the entrances in Wales and the Yorkshire hills, there's miners there aren't there?

    And if we can build waterproof submarines we should be able to do trains.

    Edited because my fingers work faster than my lonely brain cell.
  14. Chances are you've missed the boat...

    You could try a hot air balloon if you don't mind the company :wink:
  15. By coincidence, the volcano that's causing all this disruption is near as damn it a mile high. You could have a shag on the peak.