End Of An Era: Top Of The Pops

Although i love MTV, I still find it sad to hear about Top Of The Pops to go since it has been here since 1964, What does everyone else think?


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I recorded it and watched it later the same night, expecting to fast-forward through an awful lot of dross. In fact, in the end I only fast-forwarded through the Spice Girls. (Though there was a fairly recent song in which everyone on stage dressed up like an Airline fancy dress party: they nearly got FFed.)

I enjoyed the section about the dancers (my God, after I joined up and didn't have a TV to watch them, weren't their costumes close to the bone? I wish they'd been close to my bone! Did I type that out loud?!?!?) Was pleased they included the reference to Beautiful Babs in Porridge.

(Norman Stanley Fletcher: "Pan's People. Lovely. There's this one dancer, beautiful babs. I dunno what her name was though.")

Shame they didn't look at guest presenters. I'll never forget Chris Eunbanks counting down from ten and announcing, "At Thix ther'th Thuggth with THethilia." Oh how I larfed.

There were two more programmes about TOTP on BBC2 the same night. They are sat on my Sky+ HDD waiting to be watched. No I DON'T have a thing about Pan's People and their costumes, alright?
Do you know if they are going to continue Steve Wright's TOT2? Now that is a far superior programme.

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