End of 22 year career testamonial

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by cakenarse, Jul 14, 2008.

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  1. just completing my 22 years and have been asked by CoC to write my own testimonial (bullet points) any one else had to write their own, some what makes a mockery of it really.
  2. Everyone has to write their own, for a number of very good reasons.

    However, this being ARRSE, no doubt someone will trip up in a few minutes and post something contradictory. You know the sort of thing: "When I was in the 3rd Battalion Lord Muckamuck's Own Collapsible Bath Squadron, I he wrote my testimonial. It was great, unlike the Army these days...Broon...no money...no-one cares...etc"

    I agree however - it is utterly ridiculous. Just make shit up about saving the World and such.

  3. Proximo,

    Interested to know when it became policy for a soldier to scribe his own testimonial? I have never known it to happen in my 32 years service (most spent at RD) - or is this a new JPA regulation sneaked in under the radar? (I know that individuals are often asked to read through a draft, lovingly created by his Pl/Coy Comd, having searched through the soldiers P/File and records for accurate information).

    I'd be interested to know the very good reasons also? (CoC can no longer be arsed is not, in my books a valid reasons. The least that the CoC can do for somebody who has served them well for 22 years is to show a bit of gratitude and respect and treat them fairly on leaving, this does not involve getting them to write their own testimonial).

    Or maybe we should all be writing our own SJARs and OJARs also!

    Grumpy as Ever
  4. Its the same as your LS&GC citation :roll:

    Why the fcuk can't they just look at your P-File and you could fill in any blanks.

    Lazy bast****, the lot of them :x
  5. blue-sophist

    blue-sophist LE Good Egg (charities)


    At the end of our respective service time, Mrs B_S and I received identical letters [initials and service number exempt] from a computer, signed by some Air Marshal, saying "thank you".

    Asked to write a testimonial? After I'd served under some of the biggest self-centred sh1ts the Crabs had to offer? Oh, to have been given the chance.

    Took the money and ran, we did ... 8)
  6. Ah, you may be missing a trick here. If you have a good boss, you may be able to guide him/her and craft a testimonial between you that focusses on certain aspects of your military serice that may assist you in your second career.

  7. As a WO1 I used to write the testimonials for my soldiers, when it was my time to leave a Lt Col who Id known since she was a Pte wrote mine.
    Toss that you have to write your own, stinks of someone not being arrsed to do it.
  8. i am corps attached so i guess they dont really know me, but like its been said on here read my p file, im not going to do my own, if they cant be arsed then f"*k them. sign of the times really, unblemished 23 year career man and boy and thats the thanks you get, glad im out of it in a month or two
  9. The procedure for testimonials has changed slightly in that they no longer go to APC, they are produced locally and hand signed and given to the individual before they leave (in theory)

    As for writing them yourself, bo£$%ox, but if you are corps attached i have heard of instances where the CoC will request bullet notes to form an accurate career picture and then add in the bits about how reliable, loyal etc you are
  10. My CO in SIB Germany (let's call him Robbie) couldn't be bothered to write mine, nor could the outgoing 2IC (let's call him Lenny), who was my line manager.

    Thankfully the incoming 2IC who had known me since she was a Staffy, and who was and still is an exceptionally decent Officer wrote it, otherwise I'd have had to leave after 22 years service, without one. Not that Robbie nor Lenny actually gave a sh*te.
  11. I thought it was obligatory, (as the 32 year old asking you the question had difficulty writing it), let alone knowing who you are.

    In fact cancel him writing it, more often than not they would say welcome when your leaving, or was that just me. lol. :roll:

    In reality you (more often than not) get sent to your last dungeon as a supernumary, or at least with less responsibility and if your lucky you are left to your own devices.

    They are only interested in their thrusters, not those who have thrusted. Who can balme them.
  12. We have to know each other.
  13. R you talking about KM.
  14. Don't say I fcucking hope not or you will be repeating yourself.