End EX RELT Cottage North Wales

Discussion in 'Gunners' started by Harry_Webster, Dec 23, 2005.

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  1. Just recieved sad news in a Christmas card that the RELT cottage North Wales may close next year :cry:

    Theres nothing on the website http://www.army.mod.uk/ra/raatc/index.htm

    Any comments from grown ups at DRA, RAI ?

    comments from former Juniors also welcome :wink:
  2. I spent an extremely formative fortnight there in the winter of '86, courtesy of JLRRA. It was primitive in the extreme and been made to wear worn out, baggy, corduroy plus fours coupled with knee high red socks and "disabled" boots was downright disturbing.

    Add to this the washing in the stream before first light and doing "long drag" on a daily basis and you would think it would make for a disturbing experience. Bollocks!! Enjoyed every moment of it and I still harbour fond memories of it.

    If it's closing it's a travesty and DRA (I know you read this site) please have a word with the powers that be......................you cnut :wink:
  3. hmmm

    12 years in the RA and never heard of it, then again only ever had 3 adventure training exercises
  4. ahhh reading again , this was a brats thing wasn't it
  5. Was there in the winter of 86 too. Definitely character building. Run in the morning, press up in the stream. Minging weather, crap clothes, bergans with cheese wire straps, happy memories of Tryfan and the Crib goch ridge (sp).

    how come enjoying the delights of the Welsh mountains seems to be restricted to the period between November and April in the Army? :roll:
  6. Went there Spring 87......

    I got the urine taken out of me at a Service Station on the way there by a bus load of old grannies laughing at my plus fours, red wooly socks and orange cagoul. (Why did the cagoul have a crotch fastener?) :D

    Best part was caving with "Bdr Lewis" in the old mine at Blaneu Fistifudd with those calcium powered head torches. Burning the ring piece of the bloke in front of you going from cave to cave.

    Do they make female Gunners bathe in the stream these days or have they installed poofy things like showers?

    Definately a shame to see it go.
  7. The cottage has been totally refurbished. It no longer resembles a medieval dungeon. There are good showers, drying facilities and warm, dry accomodation. There's even a four man purpose built "family chalet" built above the hut.

    All in all a blinding place in a fantastic location. All recruits should still be made to wash, naked in the stream though!
  8. The cottage is admin for the RA by 14 Regt

    It has been rebuilt but still needs a lot of work, the funds have not been forthcoming and it MAY move to Capel Curig to come under 5 Div admin but still a Gnr facilty

    The main users are Ph2 recruits from Larkhill

    The instructors are on ERE
  9. Feb-'76'-Just the damp ridden barn as accom for juniors but what a place! loved it,the climbing,walking and the sense of achievement at the end of it all when we got back on the bus for Bramcote plus the sheer bloody relief of leaving the godforsaken place.
  10. :lol: Ditto, all the lads that ran out of bakky. They were smoking banana skins in the end :lol:

    I thought I'd forgotten about this place, now it's all flooding back - better call my shrink :roll:
  11. Was there '85 - Remember the odd-fitting red socks - the cook took salt instead of sugar - great porridge. Due to bad weather a farmer let us sleep in the unused pig-stys.
  12. RAT Cottage. Think i need to see the shrink again. Didn't one of the Instructors used to be SAS. 82-83
  13. Well the rumours are reality, Relt cottage to close April, training to be conducted from Capel Curig, centre to be sold.


    Another smart move from the Gunner head shed
  14. RELT cottage was a exellent facility, unfortunatly it looks destined for the scrap heap.

    Adv Trg and the perks that sweeten the bitter pill, serving with the Artillery, seem to be coming to a end. Well theres always the rugby to keep the troops happy.

    Well in to all the detached faceless pen pushers. Good blokes! (Sarc)
  15. For some reason I remember this:

    'Dolwadelen 267' Think it was the phone number :?