encouraged to smoke by hmg

Back in the '50's apart from issueing us with rum every day [encouraging alcoholism] on board ship, at Christmas time we were given cartons of cigarettes free that were conviscated by customs and excise throughout the year from smugglers. You can imagine the 'where there's blame there's a claim' culture having a field day if that was the practice then. Hope I'm not putting ideas in some old disease-ridden old ex-service codgers mind :wink:
mmmm smoke breaks, yeh, we always had smoke breaks, lots of smoke breaks, every day in fact ............... so, yeh, ...........I smoked.

Quick Charity-Besonandhedges, pass me the phone book, I need to look up the number for ShysterLawyers4U (NoWinNoFee) Inc.

Yeeee Haaaa it's like a lottery win. :D

This is made up.... honest. But you can imagine that it reflects the thought processes of some.

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