Encountering Walter Mitty

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Jsec64, Aug 28, 2011.

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  1. Hey fellas sorry having to even write this but its bugging me so much! Never posted before either.

    Long Story Short - Firstly encountered a guy yesterday who I got into an argument with. Without a second thought his first response to me was ' I fought in a War for the likes of You ' . Well being an ex regular myself I thought about chinning the bugger. Then without hesitation he ranted on about how not to mess with him as he was ex 21 SAS from 1 PWRR.

    Well my back went right up for a number of reasons - I have seen service and worked alongside members of 22. Now these fellas are not prone to telling war stories anyway and certainly not to any Pleb they might encounter irrespective of whether or not this individual believed me to be a civvy or not.

    I informed him that the only service he has likely seen was on a Sat & Sun and he was welcomed to speak to me for a chat about the finer points of service life.

    Since the encounter its really been bugging me as to how I might verify this Twat's so called service history.
    Any advice ?
  2. Blah blah blah. Something about a boathouse.

    Just summed up where this thread is going to save you reading any further.
  3. You know he's a blagger. Job's done, move along.
  4. Have you tried gripping him?
  5. This post is in the Intelligence Cell so I can't swear. Shame really.

    This is a very poor wind-up attempt by someone's long-dormant sockpuppet. I know it's the bank holiday and everything, but can't you find something else to occupy your time?

    I'd suggest killing yourself by jumping from a tall building and landing arse-first on an agave cactus. Get a friend - sorry, a passer by - to video it & pop it on youtube.

    Nice try duckie.
  6. Ask himself who is publisher is. If he doesn't have one he's a blagger and you can kill yourself safe in the knowledge that you were right.
  7. did you happen to get the blokes name ?
  8. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    I'm a sock puppet of the man who first did your wife up the wrong 'un in spite of her telling you that it was clean and low mileage.
  9. Are you a UKSF(R) selection failure by any chance?
  10. Nope just an ex regular with an itch he needs to scratch...... perhaps that Cactus could be shared with Zero Over :)
  11. Just chin him. Simples. Remember real squaddies like a good fight :wink:
  12. Kill him.
    The resulting police enquiry will reveal the truth.
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Not open for further replies.