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Enclaves: Multiculturalism and Identity vs Diversity


Book Reviewer
That's interesting. Thanks for posting it.

I originally posted that Muslim women wear their burqas "for religious reasons". I still believe that's a fair description of the state of things, even though I was accused of ignorance by some follically challenged fella.

In the bible there's no mention of priests and nuns having to be celibate in order to "serve god", but the Catholic church still has that as a condition. That could also be said to be "for religious reasons". Just the same as wearing a cross or a star of David isn't compulsory, but I doubt very much that anyone would gainsay it if it was also described as "for religious reasons.

Not just ignorant but a wee bit racist too...


Book Reviewer
I know you think you are the Oracle (Or Duden if you like) with regards to German language, but one of your footnotes is wrong.

It's not, "Fünf Minuten vor der Zeit is des Soldaten Pünktlichkeit, der Sanitäter kommt zehn Minuten später".

It's "Fünf Minuten vor der Zeit ist Soldaten Pünktlichkeit. Dann erst fünf Minuten später kommt der faule Sanitäter."

Oh now you've done it - and it's 'with regard to' not 'with regards to'. I might as well put you right about English before you get your certain onslaught about your German!


Human beings are tribal and pay attention to their culture. People who move abroad
become more conservative as they are so far from home.

I feel that the people who have less of an excuse are those who came or descended from
those who came after WW2 from the former colonies. You chose the former empire
rather than the newly independent countries. The days of the National Front attacking you
in the 70's/80's are long gone, most white English are not hostile.

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