EMUOTC - Anyone out there?!

Hav just been away with 100 regt RA and there were a load of EMUOTC playing enemy. They attacked us, and on the grounds i had no gat, ended up repeling boarders on the gun platform with my spoon. if there is anyone from EMUOTC reply to this post as would like to get hold of some of the guys.


pti why didn't you just point the gun at them and fire a cart? Not quite as scary as your spoon(I have seen it and no I'm not kidding) but surely more realistic? Full marks for antics blunt spoon and testicles times 1
orificecadet said:
pti why didn't you just point the gun at them and fire a cart?

because they were about 10 metres away and surprisingly, but sadly the safety regs state that you can't. plus we needed the charge for a shell. anyways my DC went for his posthumourous VC firing fully auto while in the smallest amount of cover known to man i.e. none. bloody penguins think they are invincible. the enemy soon ran away when the whole battery chased them down but i think it was me and my spoon that really sh*t them up

guns for show, spoons for a pro
I think you should have used your spoon to hit the members of my gun crew who ran tirelessly after the enemy and captured one of them and then went on to use HE instead of smoke in a fire mission, while i wasnt there of course. your spoon might have knocked some sense into them
Remember pti my child, that whilst QT has an arrsehole you will never achieve Jedi master status, or Gun No. 1. though the two are very closely linked....
so you wn't be doing it on the NHS then...
why not set some of your kids on him as a disection project for their GCSE coursework...
welll you'd have to cut it out first....
then take a piece of skin from just below his bum cheek and sew it over the hole
you've got cutting up for the biologists, sewing for the 3-d studies dept, and colostomy bag design and implomentation for the D&T dept,
what more could you want for a multi dept project?

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