Emsav - Sad News

She kindly offered (by PM) to give me assistance when it looked like I was going to be moved to Nantes by my company.
Very sad news.


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RIP. She sent me a recipe for Cafe de Paris butter, it was excellent, I'll pass it on to anyone who's interested.
@Bad CO -
I am sorry to hear that, three years of illness explains her absence from ARRSE.
I found her posts interesting and informative. We also exchanged a number of PM's on various topics. Both of us are or were lawyers and her legal takes on things were interesting. France has a number of classes of lawyer and I regret I cannot recall exactly which she was but I do recall on one of our exchanges that she had been the prosecutor in a capital case and got a conviction. Three year later evidence developed which completely vindicated the man convicted, before the man was executed. She was horrified that she could have sent an innocent man to his death. This had to be before 1981 when the French abolished the death penalty. We had a lot of exchanges comparing the US and French legal systems and gaining some understanding of the differences.

One interesting thing about her was that a French citizen she did not truly consider herself French. She was from Brittany, her first language was Brezhoneg (Breton) not French and she was an ardent advocate for preserving Breizh culture. For those curious Brezhoneg is a Celtic language a bit like Cornish and a lesser bit like Welsh although there are a few similarities to Irish (similar pronunciation for words spelled very differently)

One thing. As the charity suggested sounds a bit like RNLI I am thinking about sending a modest donation to them. I wondered how they would know who were sending donations and looked at our PM exchanges to find her name.
I don't think it can now violate Jaclyn-Althia (Emsav's) PERSEC to include her full name:
Dr Jaclyn-Althia Duchenay
Emsav did say that she never considered herself to be French, but rather Bretonne. She said that most Bretons speak, read and write three languages. Brezhoneg (Breton) is spoken in the home, English is the language of business and to keep the Parisians happy French is spoken when in other regions. She also said she was fortunate enough to complete her education at Trinity College, Dublin thus her command of English. Her username, Emsav, is a Breton word that means reinvigoration, resurgence.

RIP Jacquie-Althia


Deepest sympathy to family and friends. Although I live but a step down the road, sod’s law dictates that that will be back in the UK at just the wrong time.
Such a shame. We had some good conversations over the years and I remember her contributions with fondness.

I hope what family she leaves behind are well supported.
RIP Emsav . .. I too enjoyed her Posts ... measured and informative ... deepest condolences to family and friends .
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She was an intelligent informed poster who will be missed by many of us. RIP and commiserations to friends and family. Peoc'h, pèc’h.

For Emsav: the Breton anthem “Land of My Fathers” performed by Alan Stivell, a Breton folk singer, whose work I have liked for over 40 years.
The Welsh language and Breton have a lot in common. Nos da.
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@Trackpen - Thanks for that link. Liked it
RIP to a fine lady.
Perhaps as a courtesy whoever has the sarky "What would EMSAV say" in their signature might possibly remove it.


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So sorry to hear the sad news, as others have said, she was an erudite, intelligent and amusing poster.
God be good to her
I didn't know her personally but have been on arrse long enough to have been aware of her posts.
Have just realised that I have the last dram or two or Breton whisky left. That will be consumed in a toast a bit later.


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For Emsav: the Breton anthem “Land of My Fathers” performed by Alan Stivell, a Breton folk singer, who’s work I have liked for over 40 years.
The Welsh language and Breton have a lot in common. Nos da.
Nice and a good anthem.

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