Empty Wimbledon portends end of the British White man

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Maalox, Jul 2, 2013.

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  1. Alternatively, watching a miserable git batting a ball about is marginally less interesting than watching emulsion drying.

    PS Good use of a 12-month-old photo.
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  2. Is Tim there again?
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  3. what are you on? It's certainly stronger than my vino

    edited to add: ah it's the naafi............meant to be complete nonsense
  4. Be very wary of cursing: imprecations always rebound in some way back upon the head of the curser.
  5. Come on, Tim.
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  6. wimbledon:yawnstretch: , slightly more interesting than cricket tho, only for the women
  7. No they don't you waste of orgasm cunt. Your mum should be kicked to death by Rastafarian pig farmers for not letting your dad splash you all over her tits.

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  8. Watch overpaid grown ups playing with their bats and balls, while meeja types tell me how important it is?

    It's a load of old bollocks...and as exciting as watching paint dry.

    Oh and by the way:


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  9. Hark! It's the quasi-intellectual dribble that heralds the arrival of the Lesser Spotted arrogant cunt.

    I hope your family dies in an accident involving hydrochloric acid. Yours and Glosterbaggies.
  10. Watch women's tennis with eyes closed. Makes it more interesting for some anyway.

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  11. If you read Revelations in the Bible this moment is prophesied:

    And yea the centre court at Wimbledon will gape with unsat chairs and a star will herald the arrival of yet another sockpuppet on a military themed anonymous Internet forum.

    And lo shall our eyes be guided by his dull shine: for he shall reveal that tennis spectatorial Armageddon is for sure the work of the Gibson and his master Lucifer.

    Kevin: 15 Chapter 2.
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  12. As the fertility rate, birth rate and marriage rate of the British White falls to non-replacement and unrecoverable levels, the next sign will be the gradual appearance of empty seats at Rugby, Boxing, Wrestling and Football matches.