Empty Out Your Attics

Discussion in 'Int Corps' started by MrsRaven, Jul 15, 2007.

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  1. Bloody hell that's straight out of the 70's! One for the museum to bid for maybe?
  2. ...round about the end of '78, I think.
  3. £30 for issue 6 and still 5 days 13 hours to go!!

    I still have issue 1 signed by the original artist.

    Any offers?

    ( second prize, two signed copies of isssue 1 and a night in a bush just west of Krampnitz 251)
  4. I'd say Issue number 6, December 77. Not because I'm a spotter but because it says so on the description.
  5. Original artist is a bit strong, all he did was draw pencil copies of photographs :wink: and it's Krampnitz 261.
  6. What was her name...Olga? foxy rusky cartoon bird in a Red Star bikini and helmet who made an appearence in later issues
  7. Are you an int type or something? Tch. Some of us use other, more mysterious senses.
  8. I think we may need to compare BE numbers here to avoid further confusion :wink:
  9. woe is me, i had stacks of these and junked em - as per appropriate regs governing destruction of classified docs (ahem)
  10. And you think I need to get out more!!!! 8O
  11. I think you all need to get out more, anyone up for a drink in London?
  12. Doesn't need to - I have pretty much every issue and am looking at getting them copied for whatever purposes the museum may see fit - hopefully not the same as the reasons I retain mine.
  13. I have a Recognition Journal from early '80s. Sexy picture of a Czech Female radio Op. 8)