Empty Chemical Weapon Warheads Found in IRAQ


Just heard on the news.

11 Empty Chemical Warheads have been found in IRAQ, apparently in excellent condition.

No Brit comment but the yanks are calling it a smouldering gun not a smoking one.

Hans Blick says he will make an announcement once the analysis is finished.

apparently 1500 Volunteer reservists have been mobilised and given 14 days to report to mob centres

its all gettin a bit interesting innit.

Before this country starts war with another, maybe it's time to start it at home (ref murder of copper yesterday).  Surprising just who are residing in this country.  
Got to agree with Gunny

Why did those policemen enter a building to deal with potential terrorists unarmed.

It beggars belief that this death was totally unnecassary
Given that it is a well established fact that Saddam had chemical weapons, I don't think that finding empty warheads is an earth shattering event - though doubtless Shrub and Bliar will try to make it out to be one.

What would have been an earth shattering event would have been the UN team finding filled warheads ... and even better a nuke.