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Hi all

Just wondering if you could provide some assitance for me. I am in the process of setting up a project for ex service personnel and require some feedback on your experiences in relation to resettlement and gaining employment after you left the forces.

I work for a community development organisation which is a not for profit organisation.

Can I just mention that i'm not some do gooder who has no experience of the service life - my husband spent 26 yrs in the forces - and during and after his resettlement was unprepared for civvy life - many employers did not realise the transferable skills that ex service personnel had to offer. From talking to other ex service personnel this has been a similar case.

The hope is that this project will in the first instance assist people in Wales, the organisation I work for is based here, we will have links with employers mainly small/medium employers rather than larger organisations. We will provide a support network catering for the needs specifically tailored to the individual.

So please can you help me with this and make a worthwhile project come to fruition. If you do not wish to post publically I can provide cotnact details for myself. All information given will be treated in the strictist of confidence and used anonomously.

This programme will be open for anyone who has served within the armed forces regardless of length of service or situation including disability etc.

Many thanks for your time