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I had a good dig with the search function, but couldn't find something specific to my situation.

My manager has received the Character/Employment reference form, but company policy is that personal references are not given. Instead, all references are conducted by HR and are the bare minimum "Worked from x to y in the capacity of z, and they took this amount of days on the sick".

There's no phone number on the form for my manager to call and explain this, though. She's not particularly keen on bending company policy (she's a fairly stern solicitor), but she doesn't want to fubar things by having HR complete almost all of the fields with N/A, N/A, N/A...

I do have a senior colleague who is willing to provide a more fulfilling reference, but as they're not my manager and not the named referee, I'm unsure if they can complete the form themselves.

Does anyone have a contact number for whoever handles the references at Building 370 in Trenchard Lines, Pewsey? Failing which, can someone who is a colleague and not a manager complete the form?


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get sum headed notepaper and type it yerself , have you no inative man ?

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