Employment Opportunity - Vehicle/GSE Mechanic Iraq & Afghanistan.

Discussion in 'REME' started by BrettTaylor, Jul 7, 2011.

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  1. Base Mechanic Iraq & Afghanistan

    DHL Iraq & Afghanistan are looking for ex-REME Class 1 VM's to work as mechanics on our fleet of vehicles and ground support equipment at various bases throughout Iraq & Afghanistan.

    The potential applicant must be highly experienced, self motivated and able to work to strict time frames in arduous conditions. Experience in Iraq & Afghanistan is an advantage but not essential as long as the applicant is aware of the living conditions and the environment.

    The potential applicant must be:

    • Experienced and qualified mechanic (Preferably ex-REME Class 1 VM).
    • IT literate with a good working knowledge of Microsoft Office and other asset management software.
    • Self motivated, hard working and able to use own initiative to get the job done with limited facilities and supervision.
    • A clean criminal record (For security badging).
    • A full UK driving license, Forklift an advantage.

    The potential applicant can expect:

    • Approximately $50,000 per annum (tax free) plus flights, accommodation, meals e.c.t.
    • A 12 week on, 3 week off work rotation.
    • Full medical insurance and life insurance.

    Interested parties should submit their CV’s in writing to brett.taylor@dhl.com
  2. So thats £25,000 then (ish).
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  3. I'll pass.Thanks.
  4. when you say tax free, are you paying tax for them?
    If not they may still be legally required to pay tax on that wage.
    and for $50,000 12 on 3 off you can ram it. tax free or not
  5. gents, forgive a wedge for hijacking your forum, it is money for old rope at the end of the day.

    i have been doing similar as a sparky for nearly two years now & with a pension as well it works out just fine.
  6. Yeah, I agree it may suit some and at the end of the day it's a job. perhaps I was too harsh.
    Would be interesting to know how the tax free works. Just because you are payed gross and working overseas does not mean that you are tax free. The tax man will want his cut sometime, even the 90 day rule is on dodgy ground at the moment
  7. i submitted my P85 after a full fiscal year away & have had my tax code changed to NT now, so no more tax for this call sign at present.

    i have an accountant as it is the easiest way to do it & £200 is peanuts to pay for her to square it all away for me.
  8. Bigjimdangley - Damn and there was me about to beg you to come work for us....

    A_Knocker_Till_The_End - I never thought I'd say this (and it hurts to do so) to a wedge but thank you. Thank god someone is talking sense around here.

    vandyke - It works because you do not earn money in the UK or from a UK company, also you are out of the country for over 6 months. You will still pay tax on any UK income you receive or on any property, savings e.c.t. but no income tax.
  9. my first company was Septic but now working for the big REunion company, as i said i took advice from an accountant & they advised still admitting to earnings even if paid in US dollars BUT plenty of lads don't bother.
  10. You obviously have it all squared away.
    I often think that these job offers that offer "tax free" wages should state "possibly tax free"
    If someone takes a job like this and only does 11 months they run the risk of a big tax bill.
    Unless your employer is actually covering your UK tax liability, never assume that your wages are tax free
  11. You are right on one thing brett, A knocker is talking sense.
    However your own view on tax is wrong.
    HMRC are very strict on non-dom tax. and just bcause many guys are getting away with it that does not mean it is correct.
    If you are right then the Tax man owes me a lot of money as I spend at least 200 days a year outside the uk, work for a non uk company yet I am still liable for income tax on all my earnings.
  12. You don't need to work away for 12 months just 183 days or more.
  13. under what rule?
  14. Like I said. No thanks.
    Don't beg, it demeans both of us. I'm sure a less qualified engineer than myself will take up your offer though. Keep trying mate, just try not to sound so desperate.