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Cadet Boarding Officer - Qatar Leadership Academy

Description: The BOARDING Officer is responsible for the supervision and pastoral care of the students assigned to him during his daily shift. He is responsible for counseling that results in character development, sharpening cadet leadership skills, encouraging teamwork & time management, motivation that keeps the cadets focused on their tasks during their time at the academy, and expecting and reinforcing best behavior which includes courteous and respectful relations with others.

Looking for ex-military guys with experience of working with cadets. The Qatar Leadership Academy is a private boarding school located in Al Khor, Qatar. It was opened by Her Highness Sheikha Mozah Bint Nasser 7 years ago and has an excellent reputation throughout the GCC.

Very briefly, From 0630-1400 cadets are in school. From 1400 till lights out they are in the barracks with the boarding officer. There are currently 120 cadets Boarding at the QLA (Grades 7-12) split up into four companies (Al Wajbah, Barzan, Al Shaqab and Al Zubarah). Cadets wear military uniform and follow the same rank system as the British Army.

This job is very diverse. One minute you are conducting room inspections, the next conducting battle PT on the obstacle course, the next you are dealing with a concerned parent.

Start date will be mid August 2011

This job is advertised on 4exmilitary.co.uk

Email me for more info or with your job specific CV

Salary and allowances

3,243 USD tax free (Roughly £25000 per annum tax free).

6 % pay increase every year.

12 weeks paid holiday every year (school holidays are your holidays)

Villa provided free plus free internet, all utility bills paid, car allowance,free flight at start of employment and one free flight per year.


Welcome to Qatar Leadership Academy
I am currently the Senior Boarding Officer so if you need any other details PM me. I am currently enjoying my 9 weeks paid holiday....and thats just my summer break. The work is demanding and testing. I go home every evening shattered but the rewards are superb.

The Director of the Academy has asked me to actively seek one, perhaps two Boarding Officers ready for mid to End of August. I will start orientation week for new staff on September 1st 2011 so time is short. I want good quality ex-Brit forces lads. Interviews will take place in a couple of weeks. I am ex KORBR myself.



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Can you tell me more about the superb rewards and why you are shatterred each night. Is it very physically demanding?
Do the boys respond to an authoritarian manner and are they grateful of attention?


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You are a very, very bad man.
I'm sure I could be an excellent role model for such students. I might be hard but I'm fair.
I think a lot of the youth lack discipline and someone they can look up to.
I'm keen on aerobic sports and so should they be. Anything that makes them sweat is a good thing.
The cadets/students are all from the GCC (Qatar obviously, Oman, Kuwait, Palestine and Saudi). They do respond to authority but it takes time to earn their respect. We lost three ex-forces lads last year because they arrived with their pace sticks and 'Platoon Sgt' attitude and got it completely wrong in the vital first month. Yelling and shouting is not the way initially. Earning their trust is the first hurdle, the rest follows naturally.

Some of the cadets are from very priviliged backgrounds (We had the Kuwaiti Prime Ministers Son just pass out/Graduate), some are not. It takes time to build up friendships with them, which you must do and also be able to drop the hammer if needed.

I have got a lot of the cadets intrested in Weight training which gives them focus in the evenings and of course they love football and I coach the U18s. I have just got the go ahead to start boxing training.

I start work at 1330 and finish at 2230 Sun to Wed, Thursday 1100 til 1600 and every weekend (Fri and Sat) is off. Local cadets go home on Thursday and the overseas cadets board at the QLA. I am currently the only Western Ex-Military boarding officer. There are 12 still serving QAF boarding officer (Qatar Armed Forces) who generally do the night shifts.

I am on the go from 1330 until endex. Every day is different. I would be here typing for hours listing all the issues/events dealt with last year. From cadets fighting to compassionate issues, from organising competitions to writing their evaluations, investigating, interviewing, liasing with teaching staff, structuring their evenings etc etc etc. You earn your money and you earn the excellent leave allowances. I live in a 4 bedroom villa in a compound with a pool and gym for nothing and all my bills are paid for. Its not just material rewards for me though. I have a fantastic relationship with all the cadets, especially the older boys. Its hugely rewarding when you turn a problematic, ill disciplined cadet into the current RSM.



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It sounds very rewarding but enjoyable work. The relationship building and gaining trust is probably the hardest bit. I imagine after that the rest comes easy and they are more pliable.
Sounds like a good package.
It sounds very rewarding but enjoyable work. The relationship building and gaining trust is probably the hardest bit. I imagine after that the rest comes easy and they are more pliable.
Sounds like a good package.
Good judgement is also vital. When to get involved, when to mediate, when to allow the cadets to sort through their own issues, when to issue warnings etc etc. Get it wrong and you lose ground.

It does get easier, especially when you understand the mentality of these cadets. They are NOT your typical cadets that you find in the UK. Completely different kettle of fish. We had a Ex CSM who was a top bloke, very good at admin as youd expect but he was too friendly with the boys. Discipline in the company suffered badly and that was that. On the other hand we had another ex-army guy who was far too strict. 'Do I as say' type of guy. I have been here three years and was just naturally good at getting the best from these boys. I have no special quals, just common sense, an understanding of what I am working with and the ability to listen and learn in the first month I arrived.


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I imagine cultural differences would set them apart from cadets in the UK. I imagine they are more used to doing what they are told and are used to discipline.
Boys tend to want to please an authoritarian adult who isn't of course a bully but guides them and steers them carefully on the right path.
It's a careful balance I guess to get the best out of them and maintain attention but extra-curricular activities would be key.
Cultural differences certainly play a part in how you approach the cadets but many of them travel three, four times a year. Some have houses in London (Knightsbridge etc), most are overseas as I type at summer school in UK, Germany the US etc. A lot of them also support Chelsea and Man U but I can forgive them for that.....Not many had heard of Everton when I arrived three years ago. They know them now and I give long weekends to the first cadet to answer my EFC trivia question on Wednesdays!

Family is everything to them and I take that into account everytime I speak to a cadet or indeed a parent.

Spot on with the other points.
Cadet Boarding?
I think you'll find that that is illegal mate.
Suppose one drowned. What would happen then, eh?
Better to shoot 'em 'while attempting an escape' if you get my drift :)

Link to the job as advertised on 4exmilitary.com

Scroll down to job number 4. Im taking the job down on Wednesday as I have had a good number of CVs. As I said somewhere earlier, the start date is mid to end of August 2011 so dont send me your CV unless you are able to fly out to Qatar around that time. If you would like any other info PM me.


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