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Employment Opportunities - Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by eye_spy, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. A major Security Company requires a number of positions filled to work in Afghanistan.

    Listed below are 6 positions. Each position is on a 12 weeks in-country and 4 weeks out (12/4) rotation.

    1. Operations Manager (€7800 – 9000)
    2. Guard Force Commander (€5000 - 6200)
    3. Operations Room Coordinator (€5000 - 6200)
    4. Operations Room Watch-keeper (€5000 - 6200)
    5. Chief Training Instructor (€6200 – 7800)
    6. Training Instructor (€5000 - 6200)

    (The salaries listed above are approximate monthly figures, but the position will be paid on leave)

    If you’re interested in applying please register your interest by email to by no later than 2000hrs(GMT) Tuesday 15th November for more details. Please include a CV with your email.
  2. The deadline for expressions of interest for these positions has been extended to 2000hrs (GMT) Tuesday 15 Nov 11.