Employment Opportunities - Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by eye_spy, Nov 12, 2011.

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  1. A major Security Company requires a number of positions filled to work in Afghanistan.

    Listed below are 6 positions. Each position is on a 12 weeks in-country and 4 weeks out (12/4) rotation.

    1. Operations Manager (€7800 – 9000)
    2. Guard Force Commander (€5000 - 6200)
    3. Operations Room Coordinator (€5000 - 6200)
    4. Operations Room Watch-keeper (€5000 - 6200)
    5. Chief Training Instructor (€6200 – 7800)
    6. Training Instructor (€5000 - 6200)

    (The salaries listed above are approximate monthly figures, but the position will be paid on leave)

    If you’re interested in applying please register your interest by email to u1@mckenzieintelligence.co.uk by no later than 2000hrs(GMT) Tuesday 15th November for more details. Please include a CV with your email.
  2. The deadline for expressions of interest for these positions has been extended to 2000hrs (GMT) Tuesday 15 Nov 11.