Employment in the Maritime Security Sector


Has anyone here recently applied for a Seaman's Card? I can't get a British one because I don't have an employer - which I can't get because I don't have a card.... I've been advised by various companies to register with Panama, the Bahamas and some random islands of the coast of India to try and get one. Some of these want me to pay for yet another medical form - others need a company to register me on my behalf - which they can't for various reasons.

My FREC qual runs out in February and my firearms in April so I really need to be employed before I have to renew these costly courses.

Thanks for reading.
Hi there mate.

I really wouldn't waste your energy with maritime work anymore. I worked for PVI (and unfortunately a very short stint with Red4) back when the job was well paid and less regulated.
Now the number of hoops that you have to jump through mean that you can earn far more just signing up to a driving agency or something of that sort.

Good luck if you go for it, but my ten pence... it's really not worth it.