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Discussion in 'Australia' started by methilman, Dec 8, 2008.

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  1. I am due to finish my 22 years service at the beginning of 2010 and am looking for some info in gaining a job in Perth WA. My wife is a nurse and has already secured a job and that leaves me to find something to keep the cash coming in.

    I do not want to join the Auzzie Army (had enough of this game), does anyone have advice on what I should do with my resettlement grant to get me a half decent job out there? I am interested in "hands on" work and not office type stuff.

    Any advice is welcomed (as well as sarky comments!!) thanks in advance,

  2. If you have a trade you should have no problem finding work, HGV and plant ops licences are a huge advantage. Plenty of opportunity to earn really big money in the mines or gasfields in country,declare yourself willing to work in land away from the coast, the average aussie wont leave the coast to work in land so there are lots of highly paid vacancies,Good Luck !!
  3. Locksmithing is a good option - anvil locksmiths can train you in the Australian lock styles apparently. I looked at doing locksmithing but decided to take my resettlement time as leave instead...
    Airconditioning is a good choice too - you may need to do some conversion training here though - but you will never see a poor A/C installer/maintainer!
    The white goods repair course at the British legion could be a good choice too.

    Basically, anything is a good choice, but be prepared to do some conversion course when you get here.

    Have a look at Army reserve when you get here too - no compulsory call ups here and it's not like the TA!
  4. Cheers Nige, just the type of info I needed.

  5. I have signed off and moving over to Australia to be with my (Australian) wife and son. Just be warned that your HGV licence won't transfer and the only 2 that do are your car and motorbike cats. I am also looking for a job over here, but finding it difficult as I am going to live in the Canberra area, most of the jobs here involve public service. I am finding it difficult to find someone that is willing to recognise my British Army quals. Also most of the jobs in the public service want people to be Australian, and not residents. I have also found that my security clearance won't transfer across unless a department you are going to work for is willing to provide a waiver. My advice is apply for jobs through www.seek.com.au as this is the biggest job website in Australia. Also if your wanting to join the police over here there are different requirements, for example the Fed police that operate in the ACT (Australian Capital Terrority) want citizens where as the NSW (New South Wales) Police are happy with residents. Before you make the big plunge to move here, do your homework.
  6. Nick, You could always apply for Australian Citizenship.

    They can give it to you quicker if you need the Citizenship for employment or you are being disadvataged by only being a Perm Res.
    That is how it used to work, when I first came over here. 1998.

  7. I'll have a look into that but at the present the earliest I can appy to become a citizan is 3 years after my residancy is approved. I have found a guy over here who used to work at my current unit and he's a recuitment consultant, hopefully he'll be able to help me out.
  8. If you join Army Reserve, you are eligible for Citizenship after 6 Months. This in turn could lead to jobs in Defence related services - DMO, DSD, AHQ etc. all have APS in their areas.
    Just a thought.
  9. After speaking to someone from BAE I was informed that I could get citizenship within 90 days after enlistment into the reserve forces. This might be a kinda shortcut to getting a better paid job to what i am doing at the moment, as well as maybe getting my truck licences again in Australia.