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Just a bit of information that people might find useful. After being medically discharged two months ago I was told by all concerned parties that I should sign on to get my stamp paid. Incapacity benefit is now called Employment and Support Allowance. I went ahead, filled in the forms and expected the reply to be yes stamp will be paid but no money due to army pension. Had dealings with a very helpful girl who today sent me a checque backdated for a few hundred quid plus news that I am now due £60 a week. Happy days! So for all those that havent completed any paperwork claiming this because they have been told they'll get nothing give it a go, you might be pleasantly surprised.


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what did you say to get discharged? prey do tell we all want it.


No additional medicals just filled out paperwork with details from Med Discharge. Was even told by ESA I wouldny get anything but the letter I received today states there has been " a change in the rates of Social Security benefits." So I'm £60.50 a week better off.


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Equated to 30% disability Service Attributable Pension. Pension tax free War Pension £43 per week plus a payment £5218.


Well today I was told I had to produce a current sick note, I have been out 3 weeks and gave them my F MED 1017 which I was informed would be used like this......... I was to be treated as though I had been on there system as long as the time dated on my F MED 1017 say 2 1/2 yrs, this meant no medicals etc etc and I even phoned OCC Health at Merrville bks today to confirm. I spoke to 4 advisors today none of them had ever heard of any information regarding how to deal with ex forces Medical discharge or other, I stated what if I had lost limbs etc.......... I was told tough shit, treated like all else and your F MED 1017 that may just be toilet paper..... I stated you better put on your screen volatile because after 2 1/2 yrs of shit and operations etc if I go into some medical with some muppet standing there with a clip board its going up his arse but all he kept stating was in 4wks you will get a medical, how many bloody medicals do I have to have........ and what is the point in the Army or any other force giving us paperwork/ medical discharge etc and stating things if it is as I have been told, all shit or we have never heard of that or we do it this way!!!!!!!!!!!! still waiting for more surgery and taking enough drugs each day to kill the average drug user, yeh suicidal rings a ******* bell its that or god help the idiots that want me in a room for a test, in case after all this time I am lying, I wonder if the scars down my spine prove anything. anyone else having fun these days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 17/ 18 yrs in service and yeh I had to fight to get housed, you think its all over, no chance next muppet pops up!!!!!!!!!!


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The medical is a complete joke! It is carried out by a nurse not a doctor. It is then conducted along a question and answer session with no regard to what your own GP has given as the reasons for your illness.

The questions are so general it is difficult to answer in the negative.

However, they are not very efficient as they give statements such as 'able to sit fr 30 mins - observed' - yet gave the time for the whole process as 30 mins with a couple of physical activities included, therefore did not sit for 30 mins.

If your issues are mental health then the nurse is not qualified to judge and will generally put you down as OK if you can answer the simple questions.

I know all this as I am in the process of taking someone through an appeal tribunal, which sits a week tomorrow. However, with the government declared a tightening up so don't hold out a lot of hope. No issue with the rules being tightened up, but the process should be fair, which IMO it is not.

Strange thing about this is we have been advised that ESA can be applied for every 6 months and as it takes about 6 months to process, all one has to do is resubmit a claim if the tribunal don't agree. Fecking crazy.


Why is it the Army Occ Health are under the impression we do not have to have these medicals at all??? is this a big error between the MOD and the DWP or do they not give a shit once your round the corner and someone elses thorn. I am going to ask my MP how many Medicals I need, I have had god knows how many in the last 2 1/2 yrs from the military and mri's and scans etc etc and operations, I had a civvy doctor asses me for DLA whilst serving(highest rate no problem) and now another for this shit..... or do I sign on and claim saying I tried for that job but as I could only manage an hour here and there they fucked me off!!!!!!!!! it is a crazy world, no wonder Britain is skint they are spending it all on medicals!!!

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