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Employment after 65 - an URGENT question

A male relative of mine is being basically forced to retire next week, as the company he works was taken over by another company - and the new company has a policy of not employing overs 65s. However, recently a MOD employed civvy spoke to him and claimed thay "they can't do that", explaining that he knew someone who had been in that situation but argued and won.

So what exactly is the legal situation?

Also, I believe that Citizens Advice do not give advice over the phone, but does anyone? Any ideas on where to get advice in a hurry?


I am 99% sure that you cannot be forced to retire at 65, the law changed recently.
if you can wait until monday i can phone my HR dept and i will get it confirmed then if thats any help.

Kind regards,

I think the law on statutory retirement age doesn't come in until October 2011. However, he needs to look in his contract of employment. Most of them will state the statutory retirement age if it applies. If it doesn't, he can take it further. Always depending, of course, on fulfilling any medical requirements needed (not knowing what his job is, that is difficult to comment on. If a desk job and his annual reports are satisfactory he would have a case). I retired from a HR type post in April this year and, despite having the state retirement age in the contract, we allowed people to stay on after the retirement age but it depended on medicals and assessments.
How does that fit with the military. I understand that even in the TA one HAS to retire at 60, contrary to the Equalities Act and the Age Discrimination Act, allegedly

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