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Discussion in 'Multinational HQ' started by armchair_jihad, Nov 5, 2006.

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  1. Answers please.

    Under US law would a newly created Company that had a policy of prioritizing employment for US veterans fall foul of affirmative action employment laws? If so does this vary State to State?

    Its a engineering Company looking to start a US branch but due to the prejudices of the owner it would prefer to employ a majority of former service personnel rather than civvies.

    All info welcome.
  2. have you tried the US Embassy site?
  3. Yes but.......
  4. Many government jobs give priority hiring to veterans. PMC's for example hire mostly veterans. Just depends on the skills you are trying to attract.
  5. I'm rusty on my employment law, but I doubt a company prefering to employ veterans would be running afoul of anything as long as veterans who are covered by the Civil Rights Act ie, women, races, color, religion, etc. are treated equally.
  6. Having just left Federal employment in DC I'll chime in that a lot of the supposed priority hiring is just pure BS. Unless of course it's a Post Office job. Like everywhere else from what I could see it boiled down to who you knew. Hell, DoD is notorious for that crap.

    Whole swaths of GS jobs are 'exempt' from veterans preferences. If you were a veteran, officer or enlisted, you get no preference in hiring for attorney jobs for example.
  7. First, yes it does vary state to state.

    Second, it seems that the US military hires more minorities than would be representative of society. So, in theory anyway, it shouldn't present a problem to comply with any existing laws. In practice however, there could be a problem if suitable employees don't match your requirements.

    Rather than contacting the embassy, you might be better off contacting the target state(s). They'd be able to give you all specifics in regards to this and any other pertinent issues.

    BTW, good luck in your endeavors.
  8. I can only speak for the West Coast Market in the USA, but a significant proportion of contracts which have local or state government funding require a percentage of the contract to go to a minority business. Minority business's can be WBE's (Women Based Enterprises), DBE's (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise - non white ownership) or more rarely Disabled Veteran Business Enterprises. Disabled does not mean missing limbs etc - a mate of mine when he retires in 9 months will be classified as 20% disabled because he has broken both his legs while in uniform 10 years ago - otherwise he is fit as a fiddle.

    If you can do something clever with your ownership structure so that your offshoot is 51% Disabled Veteran owned and can put up with the agro of registering as a DVBE you will find some work will come to you because of your DVBE status.
  9. Goatman

    Goatman LE Book Reviewer


    if you are a Brit looking to start up a US entity there's a whole buncha people at the Embassy in Washington who are PAID to give you the best advice they have.


    Although their main thrust is aquisition from the U.S there is also a large DESO element whose ONLY role is to assist British companies who are pitching in to the U.S market place.


    Finally, it is worth making the Commercial attache/First Sec aware of your proposal. They may be able to tell you about any Federal/State grants and local schemes may be available. Worth making sure the Veterans Administration are also aware.

    Depending on where you are setting up, DESO also have people on the West Coast and in Chicago.

    (This I know, because I interviewed for one of the posts)

    Good luck with the venture -

    Lee Shaver