Not really an opinion of sorts, more a rant:

I am off the firm believe that my boss has it in for me today. Went down with my camp release form to beg for two weeks off for a nice foriegn exchange trip to Florida (to have a jolly with some nice National Guardsmen). Obviously this seem like a good opportunity, but no, it's not to be: too many other people on work-related courses, so I've come too late and denied. Not happy.

To ad insult to injury, I find a floating blood-stained tampon in the toilet. I believe it to have sinister purpose. There are no other culprits as my boss is the only female in the office.

Anyone else having a bad day?

I've always had to do camp in my own time. And then my Boss would try to invent reasons why I couldn't have those particular weeks (even if I was booking 6 months in advance).

The Boss once explained to me that the reason for her dislike of the British Army was that the Black and Tans burned her Grandfathers house in the 1920's. 8O She and her father were born in the UK.

She also informed me that my continued membership of the TA would "slow" my career, as she felt it showed disloyalty to the company, (this being a large multinational).

I continue, partly to spite her :D , and because I hate blackmail.

Best Regards,

Years ago, in the 70s, I was a TA soldier and had a rather odd female boss whose father was from NI. She always gave me a hard time, despite the fact that I discovered her father had been in the RAF for 22yrs! She used to hint that she knew people involved with PIRA, and failed to heed my warning that I would report what she said. Though I suspected that the nearest she'd come to anything Irish was driving past the Irish Club, I dobbed her in. She had a visit from SB - nothing found on the PIRA front, but she got nicked for the cannabis plants in her house!
The thing is, she's usually cool about it. One of the drivers in my place is a Staff Sergeant in the RLC, she has no problems with letting her go away on camp (she's currently in Slovenia with Army paragliding team). I think I just picked a bad day to break the news to her (as the toiletry evidence may have proved).

Sure there'll be other camps (to Lydd & Hythe.... great). That or go on the PTI course which was threatened for later in the year...


b_flat said:
She also informed me that my continued membership of the TA would "slow" my career, as she felt it showed disloyalty to the company, (this being a large multinational).
Ever considered having a word with your HR manager or getting her up in front of an employment tribunal?

It would be far more fun to make her squirm.
Or, as loudly as possible, tell her in no uncertain terms that if she ever threatens your career you will slap her with a court summons faster than she can flush...
Wot does the union say, assuming you have a union. I am a member of Unison and they have been unbelieveably helpful
Thanks, Goku,

I did consider it, but I suspect it would make life even more difficult. After all, she has demonstrated that she can hold a grudge for 3 generations! 8O

Due to my occupation I have no chance of transferring to another department either.

And HR are French :cry: So I don't expect much sympathy.

As I haven't applied for a new job since joining the TA, does anyone have any views on how this fact should be introduced to a potential new employer, (And what the likely outcome would be up against the equivalent but non TA applicant?).

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(Sorry if this is hi-jacking a thread, please let me know and I'll start a new one)
This is the problem in todays society. if you declare your TA interest at an interview, you have less chance, but if you show your skills, theoretically it should demonstrate your fine upstanding self as a true brit.
I spoke to a very good recruitment consultant who said to put the skills on, but dont mention you are still serving unless asked.
I heard that we have to tell our prospective employers before we apply, however they apparently legally they cannot turn you down because of membership but of course they can find some other technicality :( probably wrong though

I was of the understanding that legally they can turn you down - that's the problem.


Is that purely for being in the TA, or along the lines of potential mobilisation risks and that the employer can claim that they will suffer hardship?

Only ask as I am about to join the post grad market as well as taking significant steps to further my TA career.


B_flat, HR managers are all anally retentive, a strongly worded email will get even a Frenchmen reacting in this current PC compensation culture.
Work in the following words into said email and you’ll find that these people are easily manipulated: “offended”, “insulted”, “duty of care”, “discrimination”

She’ll soon find herself with a warning not to get the company involved in a lawsuit.
Don’t let some ignorant bint push you around.

As for when and if you apply for a new job, just mention on your CV that you’re in the TA and don’t bring it up in interviews.
You’re legally required to tell your employer you’re a STAB but most people don’t know what the TA is, and those that do think it’s some kind of airsoft society.
Ignorance is bliss :D
Dr_Evil would probably be the best person to speak to about this...

I think that there is no legislation which protects TA personnel and many employers have a clause in the contract of employment about additional part time work.

If looking to join the job market, speak to your local SaBRE rep, as they will be able to point you towards reservist friendly organisations.

Dear All,

Thanks for taking the trouble to offer the above advice :D

It certainly gives me a few things to think about for now and the future.

Best Regards,

Thanks msr,
Im sure I will not meet any significant problems just always nice to know where I stand :)
If it hasn't already been mentioned, SaBRE, they helped me out just by being in the background, that's what they're there for.

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