Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by error_unknown, Jul 31, 2002.

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  1. Someone told me that under the new European laws that your employer has no right to know what you get up to outside of your working hours, therefore you're not obliged to tell them if you're in the reserve forces.  Is this true or crap?
  2. I guess it depends whether or not the EU law takes precedence over your contract of employment.  If it does not then you will find something in your contract about declaring other significant interests/activities for payment and the company 'allowing' them at its discretion.

    If you will need time off, a considerate approach to injuries and general good will from your employer towards your TA duties, then there is merit in being open and reasonable.
  3. Not sure on that...........Don't tell the bast4rds anyway unless they are openly TA friendly, most big companies are really good, ie give you paid leave to go and train or at least time off not included as leave. You can get this info from HR dept when you go for the interview, don't ask the question just ask for the employee handbook.

    Don't tell them that you are in until after an interview and you are well established and certainly don't put it on your c.v. because agencies and the like post those on the web for you...with or without your permission.

    (May not be legal but its better than hampering yourself getting a job, after all its your real career that counts!!)
  4. Interesting approach Vermin but not a clever one I suspect!! You really should be looking to declare your TA membership on interview because if, for whichever of Blair's plans comes to fruition, you are mobilised and the employer didn't know, you could well face the sack for non declaration at an earlier stage.

    Surely they will see you as an employee with integrity if you tell them what you do in your spare time...? They are then more likely to support your requests for 2 weeks off for Annual Training.
  5. I declare my TA service at interview, and all employers I've worked for know that I am in the TA.
    None of the bastards let me have time off in addition to my annual holiday entitlement for camp though!! :mad:
  6. Luckily I work for myself so I don't have the bother of all that cr4p but if I go back to being employed I would make the decision to bleat or keep shtumm at the interview and in the light of the present situation I would still opt for keeping mum! And at a later date say Sorry forgot to mention that!

    S_B your picking the wrong companies to work for!
  7. tell me about it!! :mad:
  8. I have always been open about the TA in the interviews with no apparent drawbacks.  Up until my current employment I used to get an additional 5 days leave for the TA.  Mind you, they were all City companies and knew the score.  My current company is small/medium (60 ish employees) and I am the first TA type they have employed.  Whilst I am a great asset to the company and worth my weight in gold ;D, my first task is getting them to let me work from home.  That done, I will start on the extra time off for the TA theme.
  9. when you manage that GGG, please tell me how you went about it, so that I may use the same tactics  :)
  10. My companies policy is that if you are in the TA and ask for extra time off they will give you up to 10 days per year paid leave on top of youre annual leave entitlement, the only drawback is that they deduct youre TA pay from your next salary so that in effect you dont earn anything for the time you spend away, but its better than having to take unpaid leave and then worry about paying the bills if the TA pay was my only income for those weeks. At current rates I'll have to get to Major before its better to take unpaid leave!!
  11. I really do pick the wrong employers. Not one company that I have worked for have allowed me extra time for annual camp.

    Some of the other TA bods work for companies that allow them 10 days in addition to their annual holiday entitlement and they pay them for it also.

    My current employer wouldn't even allow me 1 day off on a friday to go to Bisley!!

    B@stards!!!! :mad:
  12. The TA lot on here don't seem to know which side their bread is buttered.  The can log on almost 24 hours a day and drop whatever they are doing to make a post, all presumably at the expense of their employers...!
  13. At a City law firm I worked at they would give members of the reserve forces a 2 week block and 5 individual days extra paid "holiday".  It really does seem to depend who you work for.
  14. DV - A bit of a bummer that, having to make do with a 2Gig link that virtually no-one else in the company uses.  

    As it happens I tend to leave the browser open on whatever site I am interested in and flick back and forth as time permits.  
  15. I'm allowed to use the internet as long as its not excessively, my parents used to say a similar thing all those years ago during puberty!