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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by BIGBAPS, Jan 15, 2010.

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  1. The company I've worked for for a number of years has recently gone through a merger, resulting in some changes to our T&C's.

    One of these changes is that instead of an additional 10 days paid leave, this has changed to 10 days unpaid.

    It is a large company and a number of TA personnel have complained about these changes. As a result HR have agreed to carry out a review and have asked me to supply the following info:

    - the policies of other companies - who do your TA colleagues work for and what do their policies look like?
    - the process and procedure that other companies adopt
    - how our <change of>policy has impacted you and your ability to undertake your reservist duties
    - the MOD view

    Any info fellow arrsers could supply would be great.
    Most helpful would be company name and how many additional paid/unpaid leave recieved.

  2. msr

    msr LE

  3. work for a medium international company with 5 days paid 5 days unpaid leave towards camp and any extra leave unpaid at the discreation of my company if needed or wanted, last year got 5 extra days unpaid leave no problem (we were in the quite time)
    no issue if we get called up and are very surpportive if i do get called up, have said they would prefer me to go in winter tho as its quiter for the company,
  4. I'm not sure TUPE will apply here in respect of a merger but they cannot change terms and conditions at the drop of a hat. My company used to offer an additonal 10 days unpaid but then changed it to 10 days paid without telling anyone bar a small entry on the remotest part of the intranet.
  5. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    I was asked about this the other day by someone
    I shall check but I believe my company policy has also ghanged
    We used to be paid by the company the difference between our TA wage and our company wage when on our 10 day (2 working weeks) camp
    We are now salaried and as it was explained to me the company now deduct the two week camp money from your wages making it in effect 10 days unpaid
    However it's not 10 days unpaid as you are recieving 10 days TA pay
    The company are still (IMHO) being quite supportive in allowing you an extra 10 days leave and not making you use your own holidays

    I also belive there are tax implecations if you are getting paid twice once by your company and once by the TA for the same period

    Like I say I'll double check and get back to you but as I understand it thats the position ( I must say I personally agree with it)

    Edited to add I am sure it's been agreed with the unions as we don't go for a p1ss round here without some sort of agreement
  6. Thanks for replies

    Spaz and YS - Could I ask you for the company name you work for? PM if worried about persec. Thanks
  7. My last few jobs have all been, essentially, "don't take the piss out of it and we don't mind". The last one that had a formal policy was 10 days extra paid although all bar my last boss there pretty much let me get away with whatever.
  8. Pob02

    Pob02 War Hero Book Reviewer

    Were you TUPEd over ?

    If so:
    "Your responsibilities to employees transferred into your business
    Employees who transfer to your employment do so on their pre-existing terms and conditions and with their continuous employment preserved. This also applies to employees who have already transferred on a previous transfer."
    TUPE Regulations -Business Link

    Similar thing happened to me, and they had to give me the 10 days I had before. The Law can be your friend sometimes....

    Just seen TUPE has been mentioned before, questions to ask:
    "What is a relevant transfer of an undertaking?

    TUPE will apply to what are known as ‘relevant transfers’ which may occur in a wide range of situations. The two broad categories are business transfers and service provisions changes. Some transfers will be both a business transfer and a service provision change.

    Business transfers

    The question here is whether there is a transfer of an economic entity that retains its identity. This can be broken into two parts:

    Is there a ‘stable economic entity’ that is capable of being transferred?
    Will the economic entity retain its identity after the transfer in question?
    To decide if there is a stable economic entity that is capable of being transferred, the factors to consider include:

    Is the type of business being conducted by the transferee (incoming business) the same as the transferor's (outgoing business)?
    Has there been a transfer of tangible assets such as building and moveable property (although this is not essential)?
    What is the value of the intangible assets at the time of the transfer?
    Have the majority of employees been taken over by the new employer?
    Have the customers been transferred?
    What is the degree of similarity of the activities carried on before and after?
    If the answer to all (or in some cases several of) the above questions is 'yes', it is safe to assume that there has been a transfer of a stable economic entity. The absence of a profit-motive is not a determinative factor."

    So is the answer Yes ? If so quite possible you should keep your paid 10 days . . . . (just my view, and one that worked for me when I poked it under the nose of my HR Dept)
  9. I work for the Home Office and they are quite good about it. get paid too as it is classed as Special Leave

    TBS why would there be tax problems? You get taxed on both wages

  11. the_boy_syrup

    the_boy_syrup LE Book Reviewer

    Like I say I'll check but I believe it's to do with being salaried and te classification of "leave"
    We have changed it to reflect the TA wage also being paid and this gets deducted from the salary

    Looking the other way many people (including me) got find for going back to work early on POTL by that nice tax man
  12. Had a few different policies applied;

    Tokheim, medium to large multi-national fuel dispenser manufacturer - 10 days additional holiday paid (until I recruited 2 more work colleagues to the TA and they dropped it to 5 as a result)

    NCR large global ATM manufacturer - 10 days additional leave unpaid

    National Oilwell Varco huge global oil company - 10 days additional leave unpaid
  13. NHS usually the same, depending on your trust
    seeing as we had one of our radiologists on the doctors in afghanistan thing a while back they can't really complain

    no mention of limits on numbers of days per year though
    and need to suopply full documentation for HR
  14. msr

    msr LE

    My company's policy states:

    msr can have as much time off for the TA as he likes and is free to mobilise when it suits him best. But then I am self-employed :)

  15. bb - qbe insurance you know the ones who part sponsor the guiness premiership