Employer to re-look at time off policy for TA duties

I posted a question the other week with regards to my company claiming tax back by allowing me to attend annual camp on paid time off I submitted this question to our HR exc during an on-line Q&A session that the company holds on a regular basis, Fingers crossed might have a result :D

Thanks for taking the time to respond to my question on today's grill session with regards to paid time off for attending TA annual camp. I was employed by ******
between 2000-2007 when I was made redundant. I joined the TA in 2003 and the ***** policy was to allow 2 weeks paid time off at local manager's discretion to attend annual camp and or a course on the production of a course joining instruction or annual camp warning order. I returned back to ******* last year and still expected the policy to be the
same and attended my camp in February of this year it was only when I returned that I found out that the company policy had changed and that I would either have to take it as annual leave or unpaid time off. As to take it as unpaid I would not have been in the position financially to do it due to the large difference in pay.

The point I raised on the grill there won't be too many people within the company that this affects and other large employers such as Royal Mail/BT both offer paid time off to attend TA training surely if we are benchmarking the company against others it maybe worth looking into this? As being in the TA has changed and can be demanding finishing work on a Friday night then going straight to your local unit before deploying on a weekend exercise or 24hrs later on a ferry heading out to Germany for 2 weeks. Having to use holiday's to attend training suddenly leaves you with 15 days a year which can put a strain on work as you try to spread them out whilst I understand it's our choice to be in the TA and if need be
deal with it. Therefore I'm wondering if the policy can be looked at as it does seem a little un-fair when paid time off can be given for charity work outside the company and trade union duties.

If you are unsure with regards to the TA then there is www.sabre.mod.uk which may answer any questions and provide support if needed the TA also run employer weekends called executive stretch www.execstreatch.co.uk which gives an insight as to what we do you may wish to attend on or dick opps I mean nominate someone on the company's behalf.


Hi ****
I've had a few questions/responses on the issue you raise below. It’s a great subject to debate - not just because we've done something different historically but also because it challenges us to think more about flexible work practices. I've copied Lucy Otter our Director of Reward and Policy on this, as she is going to undertake a review of what actually has changed and whether we think we've got it right!
Thanks for getting in touch.

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