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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spider056, Jun 16, 2009.

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  1. I've just heard that one of the lads who deployed with 32SRG as part of OP TOSCA (and had to fight for his job on his return when they tried to sack him) has had a letter basically telling him that he has to choose between the TA and his job because they are withdrawing what (little) support they had for him.

    Nothing unusual there I hear you say, and indeed I'm sad to say it isn't, but the thing which really gets my pip is that he works for a company who has made a lot of money from the MoD (they have the contract to supply all the Combat Power Tools to the Army).

    In America, I believe any company who does not support its employees attanding National Guard training have the government crawling all over them (IRS audits, withdrawn contracts etc).

    About time the TA had some better support from the Government, who expect the TA to come runing when called.

    Any other stories about shitty employers?
  2. I got a letter on Herrick 9 saying 'Sorry you no longer want to work for us - P45 enclosed.'

    I'd not mentioned to them any intention to leave and thought it was a bit out of order, until I found out there was another 10'000 staff who 'no longer wanted to work for them.'

    Luckily it was a shoite job. FTRS here we come - hopefully.
  3. My employer expects me to do a full days work on a Monday even after a hard exercise, its outrageous!
  4. A friend of mine at my current unit works on a farm, and his house is included as kind of a package deal. When he joined up a little over a year ago, his boss took started to give him a hard time and acting like a bit of ****.
    Now he is currently at Chilwell for Herrick 11, and his boss has to my knowledge basically sacked him and he has had to find another place to live for his wife and 3 kids while he is on tour.
    I'm not sure on the exact specifics of it, I know there was some contact with Sabre about it but thats the situation from what he tells me.
    Pretty shitty really.
  5. Employer support? What's that then? :x
    I've got none whatsoever and i live in a garrison town like many others so you would of thought there would be some.
    They can't wait until i go on tour just so they can sack me despite having Sabre and lawyer support.
  6. outrageous, would a lunchtime start just be too much to ask!? :D
  7. I work for Her Majesty's Prison Service. Although there's loads of people in the TA who work for the TA, the official line is that as an operational prison officer or Governor who would "be required to remain in your post at times of national emergency", I'm not allowed to be in the TA.

    It's in the staff handbook in black and white. Great support from a Government employer.
  8. The sad truth is that there is no effective employment protection in law. The Army and SABRE mean well but they have no budget or authority to do anything but talk.

    And as the economy continues to suffer, firms get nearer and nearer the edge, the prospect of suffering a significant financial hit because the current government refuses to fund the Regular Army to meet peacetime standing tasks becomes less and less attractive.

    You should also understand that if a company with a contract with the MoD fails to deliver then they will be penalised as a result; if they fail to deliver as their staff are on a tour they will still be penalised.

    This is why I react so strongly to those who suggest the existing policy that TA soldiers only put themselves forward for mobilisation with the explicit consent of their employers should be "worked around"; the soldier suffers.

    If you want to keep your job, Family, Work, TA. If that includes a tour as well then good for you. If you want a tour then get your boss on side, find a new boss or go regular.
  9. I agree that times for employers is difficuly, but in the case I mentioned it's not some tin-pot machine shop where one man having an additional three days annual leave will send it under.
    The company in question is a major concern, and the TA soldier in question wanted three days unpaid leave on top of his holiday entitlement to attend camp next year!

    Getting the balance is difficult, one employer loved the TA and gave me additional paid leave, before that, one employer gave me nothing and I, like many others, had to sacrafice family holidays to go away for a couple of weeks every year training.

    Personally I've just got back to work after a 10 month HM Armed Forces funded "holiday" (as my co-workers see it), to find that my workplace has changed massively and I have been forced to take a job far removed from the one I left or face possible redundancy.

    I'm sure I'm not alone in any of the above, but this is not about me - the point is that if the Government consider us to be the vital part of the nations army that they say we are, surely we should be better protected against discrimination.

    Not the best analogy, but consider maternaty leave. Women cannot be penalised for taking it, and they cannot be discriminated against when applying for jobs on the grounds that they may become pregnant, and watch out any employer who does either.
    Now consider the TA soldier, who takes roughly the same time off when mobilised, is penalised for going, and is less likely to get a job if they admit to being in the TA in the first place.

    At least I get to whine on the internet at lunchtime! :roll:
  10. bugger - my spelling has gone to pot!
  11. Oh, regarding the maternity leave analogy - we don't get maternity pay, and the company get cash to locate a stand-in!

    My stand-in is staying on in my original job, hence the role change - go figure.....
  12. Spot on (again)
  13. Surely SaBRE and the Reserve Forces Act came to your rescue?


    There's a shock. Perhaps it's because the RFA is no use in protecting your employment and SaBRE - bless them- have no teeth (ironic really!).
  14. msr

    msr LE

    Perhaps it is because employers fork out f**kloads of cash in taxes to pay for a standing army and have a better understanding of what a 'reserve' is than do the MOD.

  15. Whatever their reasons, employers accused of sacking TA employees
    should think about the direct consequences of their actions, on the soldiers and their families. Homelessness and or unemployment is not funny, whilst a soldier is deployed or not.

    Supporting Britain's Reservists and Employers (SaBRE) is a national campaign - not an organisation. It provides Reservists and their employers with support in a number of areas including general advice to employers and Reservists. Information on everything from a Reservist's training obligations to an employer's legal rights and responsibilities, and the benefits of employing Reservists. It also has contacts for employers and reservists at a regional level who can help with specific enquiries. If you are not sure about anything ask your Unit Employer Support Officer (called a Regimental Operations Support Officer in some cases) or alternatively contact the SaBRE helpline.0800 389 5459 website: http://www.sabre.mod.uk/

    The Service Personnel and Veterans Agency have local caseworkers in some areas.

    There is an online guide for the families of mobilised members of the Territorial Army and the Regular Reserve:

    ** edited once for missing words . And refrained from swearing 8)