Employer says enough is enough

Given the mobilisation culture of the TA and the current climate, how much goodwill is left with your employer.

My company is losing patience and I will be forced to leave soon. The company pay my wages and I can't afford to mess things up. Surely I am not the only one in this situation.

1) What can I do?

2) Who else is getting grief from their employers?

What exactly is your company losing patience with? have you been mobilised? Are you likely to be?

I suggest that you get in touch with personnel/HR or whoever represnts that role within your company and ask for a copy of their policy on Reservists. If they don't have one then suggest that they write one, which will clarify the current and future situation for yourself and others.

Luckily the management of my company have little real idea of what the TA entails and just agree to my time off. If I were to be mobilised they would quite easily be able to cover my role whilst away.
If you can't afford to lose your job you need to scale down on your TA commitments. At the end of the day you need to look out for number one.
I agree to some extent with Pielover. If you have a wife/kids/Ferrari to support then you probably want to do your best to keep in your employer's good books. On the other hand if you are happy with a high TA commitment and have transferrable skills it may be time to look for a more TA friendly job.

Ultimately your TA is a secondary job and should therefore come second to Work and Family.

If in doubt then your UELO is a good bet for advice and support, and if you really need them SaBRE.
Foreign company no TA policy
I also know which side my bread is buttered.

Sabre and my local units contact with my employer have actually been the catalyst for this as their letter was embarassing as it was waved in front of my nose by the HR. I have been in the TA for 9 years and with the company for 3. Only when I was made by the TA to declare my employer has this become an issue, as my employer fails to grasp the expectation or obligations that I do or don't face.

It pi$$es me off and I have my hand forced
Obviously this government don't really care about you or your TA commitments.They are only interested in the business community and their contributions to their party for election purposes that is why they don't get involved.You are on your own and as someone has said, cut back on your TA commitments and concentrate on your civvy job which pays your bills.
Seems like SaBRE have been their usual helpful, tactful, well-informed selves, and dealt you a bad hand.

From the comments here your best scenario is to lessen your TA commitment, and keep a low profile at work at least where your TA involvement is concerned.

You could try building bridges at work by reminding them what a skilled, model employee, and all round thoroughly good bloke you are and subtly dropping in hints at how the TA has helped to build/strengthen this. Your UELO may be able to help by meeting in person with your company to explain exactly how the TA relates to you and their situation, perhaps even get them on the next Regtl golf day/battlefield tour/retention positive event. Ours is certainly very good at that sort of thing.

I wish you luck with your situation.
All TA mobilisations are currently voluntary.

Try showing them the employer appeals procedure. Rumour has it that 87% are successful.

polar said:
msr said:
Rumour has it that 87% are successful.

That low? I wouldn't be suprised if the 13% successful were against the self employed, temps & small businesses
Good thing i didnt tell my boss he could appeal when i went :D .Would only have quit anyway.
polar said:
msr said:
Rumour has it that 87% are successful.

That low? I wouldn't be suprised if the 13% successful were against the self employed, temps & small businesses
More likely those that get their employers to appeal so that they don't have to go.
Weekend_Warrior said:
their letter was embarassing as it was waved in front of my nose by the HR
What letter was this? If it was the official Employer Notification letter it was probably triggered because you signed on again for another three years (if you have been in 9 years it adds up that it is time for you to reengage). If so, your unit should have been warning you since April 2004 (when EN was introduced) that this moment would come - so maybe you should have had the discussion with you employer earlier?
Weekend_Warrior said:
Foreign company no TA policy
If they are employing you in the UK, paying UK tax and you in sterling, they are a UK employer?
I work for a very large company which has had (according to rumour)over 100 employees deployed so far, I understand that it now intends to challenge all mobilisation, or to put it another way point out to all TA employees that it is aware its a voluntary thing and the company does not view it at all well.

My line manager asked " Why the bloody hell can't the Army look after its soldiers better so they don't need to ponce of us?" by which he meant the regular army should be doing Iraq etc, as the TA are for the big one. Once industry loses its support of the reserves, we're finished
I'd echo the above comments. The decision to only mobilise volunteers means that your employer now knows that you've volunteered and frankly is unlikely to be impressed. From their point of view you've dropped them in the clag for a a year so you can go off on a jolly. If you want go on ops in peacetime join the regs, that's what they're there for. You put the TA ahead of your job, hence you have no loyalty to the company, so kiss your career goodbye. And so on.

We (and SABRE) may challenge these views as much as we like. Frankly, it doesn't matter. We don't get a vote, the only people who do are companies who see mobilisation hitting their bottom line and they don't support it as a result. Make mobilisation pay, via tax breaks for instance, and all that will change. Pause for hollow laughter at the thought.

And if you've been economical with the truth about voulunteering (we're mobilised under the compulsory mobilisation rules ...) and your employer finds out they've got a good case for sacking you for lying to them. The RFA 1996 will not save you here as the dimissal is for lying not for being in the TA.

Companies will support the TA when they are perceived as defending the UK. They will not support a TA acting as a temping agency for an overstretched regular army in some deeply unpopular pointless foreign adventures.
Weekend Warrior - you've gone very quiet. Looks like you were trying to pull a fast one on your employer and got caught out - so tried to blame sabre and your unit rather than accept any responsibillty yourself.

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