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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spraff, Dec 10, 2007.

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  1. Hi everyone,

    had a quick search and cant see an answer to this. I am looking to join TA and have all the forms ready to go. Ive read on the Sabre website that if your on a 6 month contract (which I am on) you dont need to inform your employer and the MOD will only inform them if you are mobilised. Question is, if I write a covering letter along with my application will that be enough or would they need proof? (i.e. a copy of the contract)


  2. sorry spraff be a bit clearer mate do you mean you want to write a letter to the TA or your employer?
    If you mean the TA they/we dont care about your employer only you. Your employer is only involved if its a full time position and when or if you get mobilised, which will be after you finish your training, and that can be a long time
    you dont have to inform employers until you are in the TA anyway which in itself is now drawn out to long, and probably means your contract will be over before the time is right.
  3. Have you checked www.en.mod.uk ? Bit more on here than SaBRE.

    Who is the letter to? The TA saying you're on a 6 month contract or you boss to say you're joining the TA?
  4. Apologies if i have misunderstood.

    As far as i am aware it is up to your to inform/not inform your employer. the TA will not do it for you.

    if you are mobilised it will be after your training period so your contract will be finished anyway.

    You have to inform your next employer that you are in the TA from the outset. Although many are supportive some are not so again its your call. However if a time comes when you are mobilised and you havent informed your employer then dont expect a job when you come back.
  5. sorry guys, just reread that and yeah it made no sense. Im on a six month contract with my civvy employer. I was going to write a letter to the TA when I submit my application saying I am currently on a 6 month contract with my civvy employer, please dont tell them. Will that be acceptable? fusilier50, I thought the same as you but apparently its a requirement of service with the TA now.

    has anyone had experience of this?
  6. I can't see the TA informing your employer it's up to you. If your worried about your employer finding out, do some digging at work, if it's a decent size company they should have a process on TA. For my company it comes under the same document as for jury service, single parent and all that. Is anyone else in TA at work ask them. You may be surprised, my company gives me 16 days TA leave a year, so I dont need to delve into my own annual leave for camp etc.
    Are you permanent or are you a contractor?
  7. scaryspice

    scaryspice LE Moderator

    Check out the website posh_jock directed you to. I can't believe anyone on here still thinks the MOD won't write to their employer? It's been law since 2004 that they WILL do so unless you have a reason to apply for an exemption.

    If you check out the website here you will find the quote below
    I have to say that it's not obvious from this whether the site is saying that you can apply for a temporary waiver simply because you're on a short term contract, or whether it's saying that if you have a good reason to apply for a waiver and you are on a short term contract you'll only get a temporary one. I suggest you contact Sabre and ask them. The helpline given on the website is 0800 389 5459 or you can PM them on ARRSE as user SaBRE_helpline
  8. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    The assumption here is that you actually tell the TA who your employer is. I mean, who it really is. Anyway, given the amazingly low level of response from Employers when contacted by TA Units, even if you gave them a made-up place it's very unliklely anything would come of it (Not that I'm suggesting you do this, of course).

    Oh, and there is no legal requirement to do this - it is an Army requirement. This means that although you must do so if a member of the TA, employment protection is the same whether or not you inform your employer that you are in the TA.
  9. Another case of the Army going further than the actual legislation requires and to the detriment of its soldiers, imho. I firmly believe it should be up to the individual to tell their employer and only if they want to. In the current circumstances and no matter what impact SABRE have on the senior management, TA membership is going to be a "problem" at the junior management/line manager when in the job and probably at the pre-interview weeding stage stage too.

    The other fun bit is how good the data is. The TA database thingy lists an employer against my unit that I last worked for 3 years ago - and I resigned before I went FTRS. I doubt that anyone else in the unit is working for them, so it must refer to me. My FTRS paperwork showed me as "self employed" so obviously the two systems are not cross connected. How often is that employer data updated ?

    Edited to add - and how daft is MOD going to look if they use that data to invite employers to events or whatever ?