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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Sentinel, Jun 15, 2007.

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  1. What does employer notification actually involve? My company (my line manager anyway) are aware that I am in the TA, but I have been reading on the sabre webstie that the MOD will write to your employer telling them that you are in the TA. Is this correct? Will them "knowing" I am in the TA count, or does something have to arrive officially?

    Also, for annual camp I have been told that I have to take it all off as special leave. This means that I will have no "special" leave" left for attending funerals etc. Can they do this as well?

    Any help anyone?
  2. Once you have completed CMSR the MoD will write formally to your employer telling them you are a reservist.

    Your employer is not obliged to give you any time off for camp and is perfectly entitled to make you take it out of your annual holiday entitlement. I don't *believe* there is anything legal about requiring you to be able to take compassionate leave either, so it would sound like that, while harsh, your employer is quite within their rights.
  3. When I did my CMSR I was unemployed. Where does that leave me now?
  4. sentinel

    i told my employer that i was reserve forces the day i started. my camp is covered by special leave and dont need to use my annual leave for it.i use the odd bit of annual leave for a few weekends as required if i cant get my shifts covered. as for funerals surely that should be covered by compassionate leave and not affected by your service.
  5. If you're unemployed now then it doesn't matter.

    If you gain employment while still a reservist then you need to tell your unit - by filling in the form in the admin office, not just by telling the nearest NCO - so that the MoD can formally notify your employer.
  6. That is the problem. The company I work for puts compassionate leave under the heading of special leave - and then says you can only take a maximum of ten days special leave per year. It doesn't seem right somehow, but then I know people whose company won't give them any time off at all.
  7. thats a bit tight although i know the feeling. i used to work for a well known supermarket and was told in the application that for a family death you will get 5 days compassionate leave. when i asked for the five days did i get it...not a hope! two faced fcukers!!