Employer compensation for injured Stab (time off work)

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by spad, Mar 24, 2010.

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  1. My boss has just asked the question,
    What compensation would they get if I had to stay out of work for any amount of time if I was injured during training?

    Before I get told to "ask my PSI" which wouldn't have a clue, I have emailed my PASO but knowing what an old lazy git he is,

    I thought I would ask on here to,
    any idea's gents?
  2. Having been in this position myself the short answer is your employer gets nothing. A TA soldier is paid in full at his rank less SSP for a period of 6 months (this may now be 12 months) then is basically paid attendance allowance for a further 6 months unless medically discharged during that period.
  3. msr

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    Training, not deployment ;)
  4. This is a tricky one, I know of an employer who classed injuries incurred while training as "self inflicted", and in accordance with the T&C's claimed a proportion of any compensation awarded!

    Not sure how legal this was, but it was there in black and white 8O
  5. cheers MSR at least some one reads before they write,

    excuse me I've got to go call the kettle black :D

    edited to add army write not my right :)
  6. Should have RTFQ, sorry.

    Your employer receives nothing from the TA as you are regarded as still 'on duty' from the point you were injured until you return to work. Similarly if you were off sick because you broke your leg playing sunday league football I doubt your Sunday league would pay them anything either nor would you pay them any compensation if you crashed your car over the weekend and couldn't come in on a monday!

    You personally will get paid disablement allowance at your TA rate of pay plus any statutory sick pay you are entitled to from your employer provided you have got a sick chit from your GP. All disablement claims are dealt with via your unit who will forward the information to the process team at APC. Depending on how quickly your unit dispatches the paperwork via RHQ then Bde and on to APC you will be looking at 4-6 six weeks from your injury before the pay starts rolling in. It is paid direct to your bank as if you were still on duty and for the duration specified on your sick note.

    The docs you will require are:

    Form Med 3 (sick chit from your civi GP)
    AFO 1699 Claim for disablement allowance.
    MOD Form 510 (accident report)
    Witness statements.
    Copy of your attendance register (to prove you were there)
    Copy of training instruction for the exercise you were on plus any additional risk assessments specific to the activity.

    Once this is complete it will be forwarded with a covering letter to your RHQ who will check it and forward it to Bde who will check it again and ask for more info if necessary then they will forward it to APC who will input the allowance to JPA. Once input to JPA it will be paid on the next pay run and backdated to when you sustained your injury.
  7. I broke my toe on training and received sweet fcuk all for the time I was off. Was even told I couldn't claim due to my full time employer paying sick pay whilst I was off.
  8. JD thanks for the detailed response! I will await my PSAO who still hasn’t replied "shock" and will double check his answer


  9. Just to correct myself slightly disablement allowance is paid MINUS any SSP from your employer not plus...therefore if your TA daily rate of pay is lower than the daily SSP from your employer you wouldn't receive any money from disablement allowance. Of course if you a a biff SSgt who falls of the back of a bedford on a weekend it can be quite profitable... :money:
  10. Just remember to copy all the documents (at least 3 times) before you send them off. This prevents you having to trail round getting them all done again when the powers that be lose them, which they most certainly will.
  12. well i dont plan to get injuryed any time soon. I've got to the age where it hurts to much and doesnt fix itself after a good nights sleep :D
  13. Definately recommended.
    Yours truly had his papers lost 3 times - broke my leg last Oct while training and still seen no cash. Don't wait for the coc to help you tho, if you have a problem, sorting it is a DIY job. I've learned a lot about how the admin works in the last 6 months and have the number of the team in Kentigern who sort these things, available to anyone who wants to PM me.
    Makes me weep to think how much extra porn I could have downloaded with that cash while I was stuck indoors.
  14. The Form Med 3 is now a "Fit Chit" from your civvy GP - As from yesterday, your GP will issue a "Fitness to Work" certificate, with advice on practical ways that you can return to work earlier than a sick chit would have allowed, albeit on light duties or with certain caveats while your condition rehabilitates. Your employer is bound to consider the doctors advice and give you alternative duties, however also retains the right to send you home if there is nothing suitable for you to do.