Employer...asking for time away from work in the green kit.

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by jonny36, Mar 28, 2008.

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  1. Joined the TA last year however I have not had the need as yet to ask my employer for time off.

    I have dropped a subtel hint that a may need time off in the future and is answer was 'your time is very important to me'.

    Bit of background - manage a department for a large company.

    I was thinking of taking my days allocated for holiday for camp however I need to go on other courses.

    or should I just get straight into the MD's office and lay my cards on the table saying I need these days off for my reserve commitment?
  2. Do it at your peril. They may not sack you but they may not like the way you spoke to a customer and sack you(if you get my drift).

    If it's a large company then they may allow time off unpiad, but do not demand time off as this will just alienate you.
  3. What does it say in your conditions of employment? Some companies will have it in there what time, if any, is given to reserve forces commitments.
  4. If its a large company, HR will most likely have a policy in place, check the intranet, or speak direct to HR to find out the official policy.
  5. nothing at all.

    If it I get the 'no' I will ask if I can work on an amount of Saturdays to cover the days I miss?

    Possibly pick up messages when I am away when possible. Obviously I may require to cam my mobile up! lol
  6. To be fair to them, it's just annual leave as far as they're concerned- time out of the office. Unless you can get them round to the point of view that there is some additional value to them in giving you extra days off, then you're really just asking for holiday.

    It will, in my experience, depend a lot upon the actual individual you're asking- even in companies with 'official' policies on Reserve Forces leave.
  7. Best place to go for advice on this is SaBRE. As it happens - their banner ad is at the top of my page as we speak, so their contact details are as follows:

    0800 389 5459

    They'll be a better option than storming into the MD's office all guns blazing! Softly softly...
  8. look for your companies policy that will tell you where you stand.
    Just explain it to then and see how you get on.
  9. Only inform your employer that you are in the TA as a last resort. I suggest that you check to see what the company policy is quietly, do not ask HR direct as you will be identified and HR will inform your manager that you are in the TA.

    You are entilted to holidays - use them. If the comapny supports reserve service, great but there are negatives in applying for this as your boss will know you are TA.

    And FFS, when your unit clerk asks you to provide a contact name and number for your employer, you are under no legal obligation to do so. If you are put under pressure to do so, give 'em a false name and number like most sensible people do - get one or two digits wrong then you can claim it was a typo.

    The last thing you want is some crazy old buffer from Sabre ( or worse, one of the permanent staff) ringing your boss up and telling him we're all off to fight the Zulus.

    Just because some civie marketing type writes a brochure claiming that employers respect and value the TA doesn't mean it's true.
  10. Hootch, we’re legally required to inform employers that we’re in the TA.
    Most companies really don’t care what you do in your spare time so long as it doesn’t affect them.
  11. jonny36, you're a departmental manager for a large company? What would you do if one of your deparmental employees approached you and said "I have just joined the TA, what leave am I entitled to?". If you are indeed head of a department for a large company, you should have the policy to hand surely? I would expect my departmental manager to have one to hand - or at least know where to go to get the answers.

    And on the issue of keeping the TA a big secret from your employer, perhaps I have just been lucky to work for companies that respect you, and I have always been open and honest about my second career, but I think hiding it is a bad idea.

    Each to his own...
  12. You only have to do two weeks a year! Don't allow the TA to pressure you into doing more than that, especially as it might impact your job. If your job is negatively impacted by the TA, no one will give a f*ck and there is no back up.

    I disagree with Bushnut - do not involve Sabre at all. The last thing you what is some retired Colonel talking to your boss.

    The TA won't pay your mortgage !!!
  13. Like I say - it depends on your boss and the company. If it is a large company, one manager cannot make his own mind up - he has to follow company procedure. I have been lucky enough to work for decent employers when it comes to reservists.

    I imagine a retired Colonel is going to have more tact, and have the right manner of portraying why employers should support reservists in their employ.

    I'd prefer that than me going in cap in hand asking nicely for extra time off! "Please Sir, may I have more leave..."
  14. [wah off] It is Illegal for an employer to sack you because you are in the TA. Also I know of a few case's where SaBRE Have managed to mediate a deal for unpaid leave for TA soldiers. [/wah off]
  15. Do not double dip..you end up being bad at both!

    If you need to take time off for additional courses outside of taking paid vacation for camp you really need to evaluate who pays your mortgage and what you have contracted to do with your employer and the TA.

    If you still feel the need to push the issue a good tack to take is sell it as free training for your employer. That is you will return to work from x course with the following skills which will enhance your performance at work. If they buy that, you can push you luck by asking them to pay you for half the time you'll be away.

    Remember, your employer is not being a b*stard by not giving you unpaid / paid leave for TA stuff. You're the one looking to change your terms of employment.