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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by coldnwet, Sep 14, 2006.

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  1. Just got my papers through for the latest round of Telic... This will be my second tour. My boss has gone postal and says he will appeal .... what chance has the scrote got? And what grounds are appeals normally won on?

    If he does win can I appeal against it ???
  2. If your employer can show how you are an integral,important member of the workforce,then the MOD will allow the appeal.
    Sorry mate,but i have had a similar thing with my employer.
    You could tryu to appeal again,but the employer normally has the final say,unless we are actually in a state of war,which,apparently,we are not.We are only in conflict.
  3. Fcuk..... :evil:

    is there nothing I can do ????
  4. Sorry Coldnwet. The MoD is taking the long view on this one.
    It cannot afford to send the wrong message to employers by rejecting appeals without watertight operational reasons.
    I'm afraid it needs their goodwill more than it does yours. Welcome to the Modern TA.
  5. Fcuk.... Just spoke to a couple of guys how`ve been trough the same and they were successfull in counter appeaing... Ill have to see what happens. If I dont do telic now it`l be herrick soon so ... hes gonna have to let me go sooner or later ... fcuknig civvies ... er hang on !!!
  6. There is a limit to how much you can be deployed within a 3 year period, under RFA 96. But I guess your first TELIC would be nearly 3 years ago by now.
  7. Er, much as I dislike them personally, I'd suggest getting onto your union representative. Rights in the workplace and so on is the stomping ground that sort of fella, they probably have more practical advice in a large Union than the MoD does.

    If you don't have a union for your business:

    These guys are probably the best resourced to deal with you issue
    Or these guys at a push

    I'll warn you though, all the reps I've met eat a lot of pies*. Give them a ring for advice, or send them a letter (and a pie).

    *Not that I'm being pieist here, we all like a bit of pie from time to time. A lot of my friends like pies, they honestly do. Don't judge me on my views on pies. I have a right to my opinion same as the next guy, dammit.
  8. msr

    msr LE

    Anecdotally about 90% of employer appeals are successful. I do not believe that you can do anything about it, other than quit your job.

  9. I'd agree with that view. Trouble is, your boss wants an employee who's around all the time, not one who disappears for the best part of a year every now and then. And as we're officially not at war and Iraq and Afghanistan are hardly popular civvies find it very hard to understand why their business should take it in the shorts as the current Govt refuses to fund their foreign policy properly.

    Mind you, if you want to go again that badly why not sign on as a reg for a few years ? Serious suggestion there, not meant as a dig.
  10. Surprised no-one has mentioned SaBRE yet.

    Get your Employer Support Officer/RRRWO/UESWO to give the local SaBRE rep a ring (find yours here) and he can go round and see the company boss and lay it on thick about the benefits of TA service to the company.

    It's harder for your line manager to give you a hard time if the boss of the company is onside, with a nice certificate on his wall. Also, it's amazing how TA-friendly bosses become when offered a bit of scoff with the Duke of Westminster.
  11. Conversely......

    If you received mobilisation papers and your employer decided not to appeal, could you appeal on his behalf on the grounds that he has mistakenly undervalued your true value within the company? ;)
  12. Who believes that? All that SABRE is bothered about is good PR about working with employers, I know of cases where SABRE has given out 'Thanks for your support' certificates but the employer has appealed against all mobilisations (these include defence contractors)
  13. A big issue here is that this is the second mobilisation. The first time round, the employer probably believed that the company would be compensated but has learned to his cost that the financial burden and administrative hassle just isn't worth it.
  14. Latest rumours are that every employer appeal will be upheld and that the flimsiest of personal appeals will also be upheld...

    We are not helped when senior officers/SABRE start to talk about the desire of a 1:5 tour interval, when we can just about keep up with a 1:3 interval!!
  15. Quit your job and take up the TA full time - sounds like you don't like your job anyway.